More Gorgeous Photos From Chinatown’s Lunar New Year Parade

Photo courtesy of

These lovely photos are courtesy of local photographer and designer Stephen Spera. (click through for more!)

Scenes From Chinese New Year

photo by Stephen Spera

Happy Year of the Rabbit! We wanted to highlight some more of the gorgeous photos Stephen Spera sent us from yesterday’s Chinese New Year Parade (more after the jump).  Send us your photos here.

Good Morning!

Photo by Stephen Spera

Thanks to photographer Stephen Spera for this photo from yesterday’s festivities at the Chinese New Year Parade.  We’ll have some great scenes from the parade later today. The Year of the Rabbit started off with some much needed sunshine; look for more of that this morning before it turns cloudy this afternoon – with a high in the low 40’s. There’s a chance of rain showers this evening. Enjoy your Monday!

Good Morning!

Santa Sighting on Chrystie Street - photo by Stephen Spera

Special thanks to photographer Stephen Spera who sent us this aptly-themed photo. He writes, “Well, wouldn’t you know, I’ve spotted SANTA in our hood! He was in that red car he’s got up for sale….on Chrystie Street!”

Look for a high of 38℉ today, partly sunny and breezy. Christmas Day will be a little cooler with a high of 35℉ and there is a chance of snow flurries on Sunday.  Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Kenny Scharf Finishing Up His Mural at Houston & Bowery

Photographer Stephen Spera sent us some more great photos of Kenny Scharf at work last night — almost finished! (See earlier.) What a neighborhood.  More after the jump…

Scenes From the Neighborhood

L.E.S. Street

Photographer Stephen Spera sent us these lovely photos after a bike ride through the L.E.S.  Here’s what he had to say:

I took a long bike ride through the LOWER EAST SIDE today. Incredible and embarrassing, as I live FOUR blocks from it….or  IN it, according to your point of view. The geography shifts daily, as do many things in New York. I particularly went in search of the old Hasidic LES, where decades of gorgeous decay turned signage into art.  SO much was gone, I couldn’t believe it.