JP’s Food Adventures: Souvlaki GR

Photo by Cynthia Lamb.

A rock star buddy of mine once described Greek cuisine as “prehistoric Italian.”  I don’t agree with this characterization, but it’s not entirely off the mark. Greek is the mother cuisine of the Mediterranean. I’ve been a fan since childhood. I love simple, straightforward cooking with fresh ingredients. And I have a serious weakness for olive oil, garlic and lemon, tearing through quite a bit of each in my own kitchen. While I appreciate the upscale turn modern Greek cuisine has taken (the offerings at Pylos, for example, are anything but prehistoric), I still find myself digging on Greek street food. And when it comes to Greek street food, souvlaki is king. Which is part of why I’ve developed a fondness for Souvlaki GR (116 Stanton), the brick and mortar outpost of an award-winning food truck business.

CB3 Panel Approves Cafe Charbon Transfer, Souvalki GR, Rejects La Vie

EV Grieve and Eater have the scoop from last night’s Community Board 3 liquor license hearing.  The big bombshell: Cafe Charbon (168 Orchard) is changing hands. “The team behind The Stumble Inn, Off the Wagon, Gin Mill, Jake’s Dilemma, Down the Hatch and The 13th Step” is taking taking over the space,” Grieve reported. No word on the new name or the concept. It’ll be open until 4am and have occasional dj’s. The SLA Committee approved the transfer unanimously.

Also last night, the owners of Barraza Foods (Jersey City) were approved to take over 198B Orchard, formerly Eddie Huang’s Xiao Ye. Taqueria Lower East Side will be open until 1:30am on weekends.

Souvalki GR had no trouble convincing the CB3’s panel to support a wine/beer license for their tiny storefront at 116 Stanton. The highly regarded food truck operators will close at 11pm, 1am on weekends.

Earlier in the evening, there was ugliness as Le Vie, the club at 64 East 1st Street, unsuccessfully lobbied for a license renewal. This one ended in accusations of racism. Grieve has the sordid details.