Slipper Room Construction Update

Photo credit: The Slipper Room.

Burlesque and general wackiness will be back at the Slipper Room before long. It was back in the summer of 2010 that work began on a new home for the beloved Lower East Side club at 167 Orchard Street. In an email blast this morning, owner James Habacker shared a couple of photos of the raw space and provided a construction update.

This week, he said, the Slipper Room “took possession” of the space. “There’s still much work to be done to turn the raw space into our dream theatre, but we have the will, the skill, and the funds to get the job done,” Habacker wrote.  “In just a few short months our stage will be filled each night with outrageous entertainments to delight and amaze.”

In the meantime, the antics continue this Thursday at Casa Mezcal, the Slipper Room’s home away from home.


Final Farewell For the Old Slipper Room Tonight

The Slipper Room, home of L.E.S. burlesque and a multitude of wackiness for over a decade, is closing it’s doors with a bang tonight as it prepares for a full-fledged renovation.  Artistic Director James Habacker writes, “Tonight, Wednesday June 16, will be our closing night party at the Slipper Room’s current location.  Wednesday nights have long been my favorite night at the Slipper Room, and tonight should be our most memorable show yet!  The Wednesdays have the feel of the old East Village, when performance bars were a neighborhood thing.