LES Heritage Film Series: “Punking Out” and “Wino”

Revisit punk rock birthplace CBGB’s and hear members of the Ramones and the Dead Boys talk about their music and the NYC scene in 1979’s “Punking Out,” part of the next installment of the Lower East Side Heritage Film Series at the Seward Park Library.

In the second film of the evening, “Wino,” New York art film pioneer Jack Smith turns his camera on the denizens of the Bowery, circa 1977. Curator Sean Ferguson will be playing some of his own compositions, live, as a score for the silent film.

The Dec. 6 event is free and begins at 6:30 p.m.

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LES Heritage Film Series Closes Out Season

The LES Heritage Film Series is closing out its season tomorrow evening at the Seward Park Library with a film from the Fulton Fish Market in 1955 and a compilation piece of amazing footage shot in and around Seward Park Library in three different time periods, starting in 1934!  Curator Sean Ferguson writes:

It might be hard to believe, but the historic Fulton Fish Market migrated away from Lower Manhattan more than five years ago.  In our final installment of the 2010-2011 LES Heritage Film Series, we will take a look back at the Fish Market as it was in the 1950s (sans the olfactorial sensations). We’ll be casting the rarely seen extended 23 minute reel for all to sea. All this on our very own scaled down silver screen. (Apologies, as I am sure I have overfished these waters.)

Film Series: The Biggest Jewish City in the World

This month’s LES Heritage Film Series will feature the 1976 film, The Biggest Jewish City in the World. The film was directed by David Gill and was produced as a part of the TV series, “Destination: America.” It will be shown on 16mm film and looks to have some amazing images of the Lower East Side, including footage and interviews from 1900-1976. The film begins with footage of the LES at the turn of the century, and progresses from “sweatshops and labor strikes, to early American-Jewish institutions like the Daily Forward newspaper and Yeshiva University, to prosperous descendants of Jewish immigrants living on Long Island.” Featuring commentary by Irving Howe and Sam Levenson. 58 minutes.

FREE // 6:30p // 192 East Broadway (at Jefferson St.) – downstairs.

LES Heritage Film Series Focus: Men on The Bowery

This month’s edition of the fascinating LES Heritage Film Series at the Seward Park Library will focus on three films about the Bowery (including the famous time capsule, On the Bowery, that screened at Film Forum a few months ago).  On the first Tuesday of each month (this is the 6th installment) curator Sean Ferguson screens documentary and feature films that were shot on location in lower Manhattan on both 16mm and DVD formats.

L.E.S. Heritage Film Series Focus: The Heart of Loisaida

This month’s offering from the LES Heritage Film Series at Seward Park Library will be focusing in on “Loisaida.”  Continuing to reflect the neighborhood’s diverse cultural history, (this is the fourth in the series) curator Sean Ferguson will be screening three short films:

Hidden Gems in Seward Park Library’s Heritage Film Series

Over the last couple months, the Seward Park Library has quietly been screening some remarkable historical footage from the Lower East Side. The Lower East Side Heritage Film Series features films (both documentary and fictional) that were shot on location in lower Manhattan.  Part 1 of the series treated audiences to actual 16mm footage shot by L.E.S. residents and librarians in the 1930’s, ’40’s and ’50’s in the Seward Park area.