Seahorse Swim Club Plans to Reopen at Masaryk Towers

Seahorse Swim Club at Masaryk Towers Closed; “Illegal Lockout” Suit Filed (Updated 6/26)

My LES – Tommy Ho

Tommy Ho

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What do you do?

I’m an actor and an aquatic director. I am the founder of Seahorse Swim Club in Masaryk Towers.  I was working at a pool in Chinatown before that.  Once I found the pool at Masaryk (which hadn’t been open to the public in over 30 years) I had to wait and wait and kept bothering them to let me use it (and start teaching classes there).  I had to keep waiting to talk to the super, I had to get permission from the Board Director, he had to get permission from everyone else (this was about seven years ago) but finally I got permission.  And now, it’s doing great.  I teach the Chinese community, all the parents on Grand Street send there kids here, I teach the Jews from Williamsburg, everyone.  And now I’m hoping to find a second location.