Gulick Park Ping Pong Table, Like Park Itself, Gets a Little TLC

Yesterday we linked to the New York Times’ piece on the city’s experiment in park-based ping pong. The soon-to-be transformed Luther Gulick Park is one of three outdoor recreational areas in New York pioneering the concept. The others are Tompkins Square and Bryant Parks.

The story excerpted from The Lo-Down’s account of last October’s ping pong tournament, written by organizer Kim Gledhill:

An Estonian woman put on quite an impressive show of skill, as did her female Scottish opponent. Chinese-speakers, Spanish-speakers, African-Americans, Anglophiles and those of Yiddish ancestry (like myself) surrounded the table throughout the afternoon, all joined by a shared love of Ping-Pong.”

Ping Pong in the Park


Photo by Friends of Gulick Park via Flickr.

Those resourceful community organizers battling to restore Luther Gulick Park have a new weapon in their arsenal — ping pong!  The group is pulling out all the stops for “Take Back Our Park Day” on May 16th. Now, in an effort to enliven one of the city’s most neglected spaces, the Friends of Gulick Park have launched a campaign on Kickstarter for an outdoor ping pong table.