New York International Fringe Festival Returns For 20th Anniversary

The New York International Fringe Festival returns for its 20th year on August 12th. This year’s lineup features 200 shows in 16 days and showcases theater and dance companies from all around the globe. The 1,100 performances includes varying art forms ranging from vaudeville, opera and dance to performance art, multimedia and stand-up comedy.

FringeNYC is considered to be one the largest multi-arts festivals in North America and includes special ‘Fringe’ events for kids (FringeJR), for high schoolers (FringeHIGH) and for outdoor lovers (FringeAL FRESCO). Visit this link for the full list.

Four different theaters at The Clemente (107 Suffolk St.) will be hosting shows and there are numerous venues participating throughout the East Village.

Shows will run through August 24th | Tickets $18 | Visit the website for a full list of shows


Arts Watch: Visual Artist Bryan Zanisnik Moves In To Abrons Arts Center

Brian Zanisnik. Photo via Abrons Arts Center.

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In the case of visual artist Bryan Zanisnik, that treasure would be the random assortment of junk he’s gathered from various Abrons’ storage spaces, combined with bits and pieces from his childhood home. The articles for this collection include: police costumes, hardware shelving, random pieces of cardboard, his collection of toys, comic books, baseball cards, and other icons of boyhood — combined to create Every Inch a Man, his expansively cluttered site-specific performance and installation.

Every Inch a Man centers around Zanisnik reading Philip Roth’s The Great American Novel while inside of a specially designed life-size Plexiglas container.  Except for the intermittent breaks to eat lunch with his parents, Bob and Carol Zanisnik, who are often incorporated into his work, and to tinker with his growing installation, the artist will “perform this incongruity day in and day out as an absurdly Freudian compulsion to relive adolescent, and familial trauma.” Five hours a day, four days a week, for five weeks.