MTA Bus Strikes and Kills 73-Year-Old Woman Near Columbia Street (Updated)


A 73-year-old woman (some reports indicated she was younger) was struck and killed by an MTA bus near East Houston Street and Columbia Street earlier this morning.

It happened at around 9:50 a.m., according to AMNY. The victim was declared dead at the scene. Police are investigating and the MTA has confirmed that one of its buses was involved in the accident. The Daily News reported that the woman was hit by the rear wheels of the bus. DNA Info reported that the woman was “crossing East Houston when she was struck by the bus as it turned left  from Avenue D.”

The driver remained on the scene. M14D buses were delayed in both directions. On eastbound buses, stops between Columbia and Mangin streets were being made on Avenue D at East Houston. Stops on FDR Drive and Delancey Street were being made on Delancey and Columbia streets.

UPDATE 12:51 p.m. More from the Daily News. One witness who declined to give his name said,  “It was horrible to watch… (The light) was about to turn red when she was crossing the street. The bus was turning and it ran her over. The bus dragged her body for a few feet.” The witness said the driver did not know he had hit a pedestrian. “People started yelling, ‘Hey! Hey! You ran someone over!’” said the onlooker. “He stopped and realized what had happened.”

UPDATE 2:40 p.m. The victim has been identified as Anna Colon, a 73-year-old Brooklyn resident.

UPDATE 10/5 8:10 a.m. Additional details from the Daily News:

Family rushed to the Lower East Side on Tuesday after a bus hit and killed a woman, knowing — even though a sheet covered the body — that it was the beloved 73-year-old mother of nine. A prayer card for St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes, was lying on the ground next to the woman’s body. It was the card Anna Colon of Brooklyn always carried. “My heart sank all the way to my stomach,” said Yahaira Sanchez, 32. “I picked up the saint card. I knew that was my aunt. She didn’t deserve to die like this.”

No charges have been filed against the driver.  According to Streetsblog, “Drivers injured 15 people walking at the intersection between 2009 and 2015, and had injured one other person there this year as of August.”

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A 73- year old woman, who was walking across East Houston Street yesterday afternoon, was hit and killed by the driver of a van.

Update: Teenager Killed on Delancey Street

More on the terrible accident on Delancey Street this afternoon that left a 12-year old girl dead.  We understand police have not yet determined whether the driver who struck the victim, Lower East Side resident Dashane Santana, near the Clinton Street crossing, had a green or a red light.  There are cameras on the Williamsburg Bridge, but they do not record images. Police are checking to see whether any other cameras in the immediate area might have captured the accident.

Traffic enforcement police were stationed on Delancey Street this afternoon but they did not see what happened. At the time, the officers were standing on the westbound side of the street.

Tonight two elected officials are out with statements concerning the tragedy. First, State Senator Daniel Squadron who, last year, convened a “Delancey Street Safety Working Group” to address a wide range of concerns following several deadly accidents:

“Today an unspeakable tragedy happened on Delancey Street.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the young victim.  We must continue to work together as a community to make Delancey Street safer for everyone.”

And Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer:

Tonight, New York City mourns the senseless death of a sixth grade girl who lost her life while crossing Delancey Street today. This devastating loss is only the latest in a string of tragic accidents that have occurred on Delancey – numbering into the hundreds over the past decade.