Tips For Parents: Using the Neighborhood to Learn ABCs

Photo by Otis Kriegel.

Editor’s note: To start the new year we have a new  feature —   tips for parents from Otis Kriegel, M.S.Ed., a veteran elementary school teacher, author, and artist. He offers advice for parents of elementary school kids on  

We’re lucky we live in the city for a number of reasons.  But one of those reasons is that neighborhoods provide kids ample opportunity to read while they’re walking down the street.

There are letters everywhere. If your child is in the stage where they’re just beginning to recognize the letters, and even attaching sounds to those letters, this activity is perfect for you.

My LES – Otis Kriegel

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What do you do?

I live two lives:  Educator and Artist.

Educator:  I teach 5th grade at PS 3 in the West Village.  I am also adjunct faculty at the Steinhardt School at NYU, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in education.  I also have a blog called The K5, aimed to provide parents of elementary school age children with tricks and tips. The bulk of the info is communicated via videos I created, but there are written posts as well.