ASVP Mural is in the Works on Suffolk Street

ASVP mural

There’s a new mural coming to the neighborhood, via ASVP and Delancey Street Associates. The 10,600-square foot mural will decorate the Suffolk Street side of The Rollins, one of nine sites at the Essex Crossing megaproject. The mural was selected from more than 85 submissions from around the world.

“Invader” Returns to the Lower East Side

Invader above Williamsburg Pizza. Photo by The Lo-Down.

Invader above Williamsburg Pizza. Photo by The Lo-Down.

We are happy to see the French street artist Invader has returned to the Lower East Side with his fabled pixelated mosaics.  The New York Times announced his intention to return to the city with a preview of some of his larger pieces and noted that his work will be installed legally, with permission from building owners this time.

Invader above Hotel Chantelle. Photo by The Lo-Down.

Invader above Hotel Chantelle. Photo by The Lo-Down.

There was a bit of a snafu on Orchard Street a couple years ago when he was arrested and his piece “Snow White” was taken down by a property owner who wasn’t aware of Invader’s status. After 15 years of stealth street art, he may also be getting tired of the likelihood of being put in jail.

Invader above Paulaner. Photo by The Lo-Down.

Invader above Paulaner. Photo by The Lo-Down.

He is spreading out across the city this time, with large pieces already up in Bushwick, and some throughout Manhattan (he’s titling them #NewYorkers).  Any bets on where his “Woody Allen” will end up?  Here’s hoping there’s more to come on the L.E.S.!


Interview: Hanksy on His New Show, “Best of the Worst”

Best of the Worst

We checked in with one of New York’s favorite punsters (and street artists), Hanksy, in anticipation of his upcoming show, “Best of the Worst.”  It’s the biggest thing he’s done to date and he’s putting it together independently.  Look for large scale installations, a new series of Hanksy originals, and a specially curated group show featuring “over 20 up-n-coming blue chip art stars of tomorrow.”  Oh, and skate ramps. The show is a one-night only event so save the date and make sure to stop by the old Chase bank at 104 Delancey this Saturday night:

What motivated you to put this together, on your own, without gallery help?

I’ve had a few very successful shows at galleries and they were absolutely great. But when it comes down to it, I simply didn’t want to do the same thing twice. I’ve done the white walls and I’ve done the white wine. I wanted to try something a bit more DIY and show people that if some schmuck wordplay artist can put on a rad event, maybe they can too.

Has this show been a bigger undertaking than your “Surplus Candy” show in the E. Village?

Surplus Candy was outrageous. It was a crazy week-long illegal rendezvous that had everyone, both artists involved and otherwise, totally stoked to participate. There wasn’t any real strategy or plan. Just go in and paint. “Best of the Worst”  has a lot more foundation to it. Mucho time, mucho money. No legal risk though. So there’s that.

How did you decide which other artists you will be featuring?

While it is a solo show with lots of pretty hand-painted works for sale by yours truly, I’ve gathered a bunch of friends and a few foes to fill in the holes (which there are many). And I choose them fairly haphazardly with no real rhyme or reason.

What did you learn about the current state of the street art/graffiti scene after traveling to so many different cities for your excellent “Surplus Candy” series on The Hundreds? (now on youtube here)

From Portland’s mural issues to the family-style street kids of Austin, I learned that each scene is super unique. And if one isn’t afraid to scratch the surface, they can totally get their nails dirty. Coming from the Midwest, I know there’s a butt ton of stuff between the NY/LA shoulders and this web series was a nice way to sample it.

What’s different about this than what you’ve done in the past?

I’m basically trying to pump this show full of so much visual glitz and glam to load up one’s Instagram feed for a week.

What should your hard core fans look for at this show?

I’ve been very conscious of my shelf life for some time, so I’ve been actively incorporating new angles and avenues into my work. It’s still all very light-hearted and fun, but it’s not 100% focused on celebrities and their million dollar mugs.

What should people who aren’t familiar with your work (yet) look for at this show?

If they can get over their initial “Banksy rip-off” knee-jerk reaction, I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised. Not everything has to be super serious and somber. It’s okay to poke fun at the world.

What do you want people to take away from this show?

Love me or hate me, I want people to admit that I’m still doing cool shit, I’m still hustling. And while art may be subpar, you can’t knock me for putting myself out there.

It says the show runs for two days, Sat., the 28 and Sun., the 29th…What happens on Sunday — or is it just that the Saturday show will run into Sunday…?

To me there’s nothing more depressing than a gallery show experiencing death throes during the third/fourth week of a month-long run time. So I decided to pack it all into about twelve hours. It’s all about the opening anyways. Come for the free beer, stay for the art I guess.

What’s your favorite new pun?

Kanye Wes Anderson.

A New Banksy Appears on Ludlow Street

The latest Banksy piece has popped up on Ludlow Street, just above Stanton.  And it’s quite an elaborate piece of work, at that.

Artist LNY Takes Over Ideal Glass with “The Golden Hour”

“Golden Hour” by LNY ( is the latest mural to take over Ideal Glass at E. 2nd Street. Photo by Luna Park (

The artist LNY is the latest to make a statement on the Ideal Glass storefront at 22 E. 2nd St.  The mural, “Golden Hour,” kicks off the 2013 Fourth Arts Block Public Art Program, ArtUp, curated by Keith Schweitzer. The Ecuadorian artist is based in New York, but travels the world doing street art and working on fascinating projects with urban youth – like this one.

In describing this mural, the artist says, “Its based on a couple of things; a beached whale found dead in NYC after Sandy, the battle between nature and human technology and the economic factors that facilitate this situation. The whole image should read as this struggle for survival between the whale/oil transit ship and the two headed heron snake that represents nature turning to technology by literally changing its body from one end to the other… I also decided on a title “Golden Hour” after the medical term meaning the period of time after traumatic injury during which treatment is most likely to prevent death.”

For more on LNY, there is a nice interview with him here. Click through for more photos of this impressive work of art.

Parting Shot From Faith47

Parting shot, taken by the artist Faith47, upon the completion of her mural, “The Weight of Air,” on E. 2nd Street.

Thanks to curator Keith Schweitzer for sending along this parting shot from South African artist Faith47. She took this photo last night after she finished the piece, titled “The Weight of Air” on E. 2nd Street. The mural is part of Fourth Arts Block public arts program. Schweitzer will be giving a free walking tour this evening of all the awesome public art projects they’ve done lately. For more info on that, go here.

Art Installation Takes Over Extra Place

We stopped by Extra Place yesterday, where a group of artists is giving the sterile alley behind what used to be CBGB’s some much-needed creative energy.  We met the co-curator, Keith Schweitzer, at East Broadway gallery Allegra LaViola several months ago.  Moving several blocks north, he’s teamed up with FABnyc for the latest in a series of temporary installations called “ArtUp.”