NYC Food Crawl Hosts January Shumai Crawl Tonight

The popular NYC Food Crawl is back tonight with a “January Shumai Crawl.” For those of you brave enough to crawl through these cold temperatures, I’m sure the shumai in Chinatown will warm you up! (The organizers are promising short walks between locations this month.) They write: Shumai is a delightful Chinese appetizer that is traditionally served with Dim Sum meals. Dim Sum, or “small treasures,” is a traditional Chinese tasting meal. It comes in both shrimp and pork varieties, and we happily will be offering a vegetarian option. (Also, don’t forget that scallion pancakes are a delightful meat free snack that is easy to find in Chinatown!) Our original crawl was the dumpling crawl, and in that spirit we happily present the January Shumai Crawl.

NYC Food Crawl Does Extreme Dessert Tonight

NYC Food Crawl Image by Gabi Porter

NYC Food Crawl is back this month with an “Outrageous Dessert Crawl” tonight, starting at Astor Place and continuing on through the East Village. They write on their Facebook page: We’ve done, ice cream, brownies and cannoli. This month get ready for a night of extreme dessert enjoyment on the go.

On November 11, we are going on an outrageous food adventure through the East Village! Why live in the greatest city in the world if you can’t have deserts from all over the globe? Or try your favorite treat deep fried this month. The possibilities are OUTRAGEOUS in November!

NYC Knish Crawl Tonight

The popular yet reluctant hosts of NYC Food Crawl are presenting an autumn Knish Crawl this evening. They write:  Originally brought to the Lower East Side by Russian immigrants, the knish is now a New York deli favorite. Potato, spinach, and buckwheat are among the varieties available for your tasting pleasure. And they’re vegetarian. We’ll be visiting some of the folks who make the city’s best knish. Come taste and rate your favorite knishes. Go at your own pace, and pay as you go.