Project For Empty Space Opens Tomorrow at 181 Stanton St.

Project for Empty Space (PES) is holding the opening for their fall project tomorrow evening from 6-8pm.  PES is a non-profit organization founded in September 2010 that is “dedicated to bringing contemporary art out of its traditional ‘high-brow’ places and into abandoned and unusual urban spaces.” They are popping up in the  city-owned lot at 181 Stanton Street. Their hope is “to foster community building and education through the development of interactive public art.”

Good Morning!

"Colors" courtesy of @_waterman on twitpic (visit his blog:

Today should be sunny and warm, with a high reaching 87℉. Temperatures will venture into the ’90s tomorrow. The 16th Annual Vision Festival, a smorgasboard of experimental jazz, dance and art, continues its week-long run at Abrons Arts Center this evening. Also, the LES Heritage Film Series wraps up its inaugural season of rarely seen 16mm, historical footage at the Seward Park library. Visit our Calendar for more local events and don’t forget to submit your own!

An Artist’s Second Act, Years in the Making

Bonnie Lucas with a collage that will be featured in her upcoming show at Esopus Space - photo by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis



















“Everything that’s happening to me has everything to do with me teaching children,” Bonnie Lucas tells me, beaming.  We’re standing in her fifth-floor walk-up in Little Italy (now known to some as NoLita) where she has lived for over 30 years.  It’s the classic unrenovated tenement layout you don’t see much anymore – two rooms, 400 square feet, with the bathtub in the kitchen.  It’s also Bonnie’s studio.  She covers the bathtub with a fitted piece of metal to create her work bench, where for the last three decades she’s created a vast array of collages, paintings and assemblages.

Urban Love Daily Hits The Lower East Side

“Exposed Heart” found on the Lower East Side, from Christopher Frederick’s blog Urban Love Daily.

This month’s Featured Artist is Christopher Frederick, who recently started a blog called Urban Love Daily.  Christopher posts a photograph each day – an image from around the city representing  “love.” The result is a surprising array of heartfelt photos, emerging from the grit of New York City.

He told The Lo-Down:

The heart photos began one day when I was walking around the galleries of Chelsea and saw that someone drew a heart right on the crotch of a man in an underwear add on a bus stop shelter. It made me laugh so hard that I had to take a picture of it with my cell phone. I showed it to a friend who reminded me of a picture I took on the boardwalk of Coney Island years ago of a Popsicle that was melting into the shape of a heart. Suddenly I started seeing hearts everywhere I went. Finally I broke out my good camera and began to hunt them down. To my surprise, the more I looked the more I saw.  I can’t go more than three blocks anymore without seeing a heart in the city. I knew the heart imagery would be too sentimental for the gallery scene, but thought it could make a nice gift book, book of postcards, or even funny greeting cards. Then I realized how hard and expensive it is to get stuff published or printed, yet I really wanted people to see these images as they really struck a chord with me. A blog was the natural solution. I think what compels me to keep taking the images is that they are not typically saccharine. I search for hearts that feel smart or tough or raw. I am looking for something honest and deep within the common language of a heart and the word love, the confluence of what is personal and universal – or at least urban. It can be tough to find love in this city, despite (or maybe because of) how many awesome people are here. For me, this process is a reminder to keep the grit in balance with idealism. At the very least it’s a reminder that love can be found in some of the most unexpected places. 

Please visit our photo gallery for more about Christopher and to view some of our favorites.