Free Film Preview of “Variations,” Made By Lower East Side Residents, Tonight

From Marinella Senatore's "Variations," a film made in collaboration with Lower East Side Residents this past January.

We met Italian filmmaker Marinella Senatore a few months ago when she was in town casting for her latest collaborative film project, Variations.  She was looking for residents from the neighborhood to write, shoot and perform in the production. Now, the completed piece is included in No Longer Empty’s group show, About Face.  This evening, you can watch a preview of the film and hear the filmmaker talk about the process of creating such a unique project. It’s being screened at the Millenium Film Workshop on E. 4th Street at 7pm. They write:

No Longer Empty Fills in the Space

I stopped by 215 E. Houston yesterday to check in on No Longer Empty, the arts collaborative that brings contemporary public art exhibitions to vacated storefronts and properties around New York.  They were busy preparing for their latest exhibit, “About Face,” which will be running through June 12th in the “vacant” ground floor of The Ludlow (owned by Edison Properties).

“Art in Empty Spaces” Seeks LES Locations for May Exhibitions

"Onion Pinch" installation; one of 15 projects selected for the "Art in Empty Spaces" project.

Among the dozens of interesting programs selected to take part in the Festival of Ideas next month is, “Art in Empty Spaces,” a collaboration between No Longer Empty and Community Board 3.  The organizers have selected 15 art projects. Now all they need is the empty spaces!  If you’re a Lower East Side landlord who might be able to help, read on…

Armory Arts Week Ends With a Spotlight on the LES

This year, the colossal fine art fair that is The Armory Show has launched an accompanying  series of public programming within different artistic communities around town.  Titled,”Armory Arts Week,” the focus is on a different neighborhood each day between March 3 and March 6; on  Sunday, the focus in on the Lower East Side.  There will be numerous gallery tours and studio visits to attend along with some special workshops and even an artistic dinner series, curated by an artist and happening at local restaurants. 

Gallery and Artist Studio Tour for Families Offered

The site-specific arts collective, No Longer Empty, will offer a LES gallery and artist studio tour for families on March 6th.  As part of the Family Programming for this year’s Armory Show, No Longer Empty will lead a tour in Chelsea as well as the LES. They write, “No Longer Empty wants the experience of studio visits to take people into the heart of the creative process.

Ready To Meet The L.E.S. – Artist Marinella Senatore

Artist and filmmaker Marinella Senatore will be making a film with, and created by, Lower East Side residents

Italian filmmaker and artist Marienella Senatore creates site specific, group film projects with communities around the world.  Her film, Speak Easy, was created and produced by 1200 residents of Madrid, Spain. Over 400 residents of Trento, Italy, helped create All The Things I Need, a musical collaboration about the life of W. Bentley. Now she’s ready to create a project with the residents of the Lower East Side. I met with her yesterday as she was preparing for a three-day long casting call, which will take place at Clemente Soto Velez.

L.E.S. Casting Call: The Trailer

Italian artist Marienella Senatore has created a “trailer” for the casting call that is taking place this weekend at Clemente Soto Velez (107 Suffolk St.)  Senatore is teaming up with the collaborative, “No Longer Empty,” to take over a space on the Lower East Side and create a film project with local residents.  They are seeking people of all ages, shapes and sizes to participate in the project – no experience necessary. The final project will be part of the New Museum’s “Festival of New Ideas” this Spring.

Wanted – L.E.S. Residents For Local Film Project

Italian artist Marienella Senatore and the visionaries behind the organization, No Longer Empty are teaming up for an exciting public art project, titled “About Face.” The project will be part of the New Museum’s large scale “Festival of New Ideas,” happening this spring. Senatore, an internationally acclaimed artist, will be working with Lower East Side residents to shoot a group film project that will be created in a unique location on the Bowery and will be featured in the festival. 

“No Longer Empty” in Search of Space on the LES for Powerful Exhibition

No Longer Empty, the organization that orchestrates public art exhibitions in vacant commercial spaces, needs your help. Their latest project is scheduled to open on the Lower East Side at the end of next month. They had an empty space lined up, but unfortunately, it fell through. So, now they’re in search of an alternative location.

The exhibition is based on the tragic fire that tore through a popular gay bar in New Orleans in 1973.  Thirty-two people were killed and police were certain it was arson. But no witnesses would talk, and all but one church refused to hold a memorial service for the victims.

Lower Clinton’s Artistic Makeover


A creative “face lift” seems to be underway on Clinton St. at East Broadway. First, we had the appearance of three bright murals (titled Shuttered Storefronts) created by the British artist Dface, who is in town for his show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. Now, Ramiken Crucible, the new gallery downstairs (221 E. Broadway), has asked Damon Ginandes to do some work on the wall around their entrance.

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Damon Ginandes at work on his mural next to 200 Clinton St.

Much of the work popping up around town, from artists such as Dface, is due, in large part to No Longer Empty, a group of artists and curators who have come together to create projects utilizing vacated storefronts and offices in Manhattan. The group states, “NO LONGER EMPTY was conceived specifically to encourage an artistic response to our present economic condition and the effect on both the urban landscape and the national psyche. The numerous vacated buildings in New York City provide an opportunity for artists to revitalize these spaces with
thoughtful, sustainable art installations.”

Although the work seems to bring a smile to many passersby and always attracts a crowd, I overheard one older man shout out, “What are you trying to do, make my neighborhood better? That’ll raise my rent!”

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York has been following some of their projects around town for the past few months.