CB3 Tries One More Time to Engage Education Department on School Yard Use

kickball les

Kickball on a Lower East Side school playground; 2012.

Who knew kickball could be controversial?  Residents living around two school yards on the Lower East Side have been dealing with the noise and bright lights created by adult sports leagues for a few years now.  Last night, they took their concerns to Community Board 3’s youth & education committee.  While locals are pretty exacerbated with the organizations using the facilities — the bigger issue for CB3 is the Department of Education’s (DOE) failure to involve impacted neighborhoods before its school yards are made available for rentals.

The most recent complaints are coming from residents who live near P.S. 142 on Attorney Street.  For several years, a company called New York Social Sports Club has paid the DOE for the use of several school yards, including at PS. 142 and the nearby M25 complex (which includes Marta Valle High School).  This year, it has been partnering with a non-profit group, the Notwork Network, for the LES games, which include post-game get-togethers at local bars.