Delicatessen Returns to the Midnight Movie at The Sunshine

A still from the 1991 film, Delicatessen, by Jeunet & Caro.

The fabulous French film Delicatessen will grace the screen at The Sunshine Cinema this weekend in the midnight time slot on Friday and Saturday.  The film was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro (creators of The City of Lost Children and Amélie) and is a funky version (in my opinion) of Sweeney Todd.  Told in a totally unique style, which they claim to be a tribute to Terry Gilliam — but nobody makes films like Juenet and Caro — the story is touted as a “wonderfully macabre comedy about an enterprising butcher’s solution to meat shortages” (and is set in a post-apocalyptic France of an ambiguous time period). It’s a timeless classic that I guarantee is even better when viewed on the big screen.

143 East Houston Street // midnight Jan. 11 & 12 // $10.

Roger Rabbit at This Week’s Midnight Movie at the Sunshine

The classic film Who Framed Roger Rabbit will be gracing the screen at the Sunshine Cinema’s Midnight Movie this weekend.  One of the first films to brilliantly combine live action with animation, the wacky comedy cartoon noir/thriller features Bob Hoskins as a toon-hating private detective defending the wrongly accused toon star Roger Rabbit (Charles Fleischer), while trying to keep his hands off Roger’s wife, the now infamous cartoon diva, Jessica Rabbit (Kathleen Turner).  Christopher Lloyd voices the villain, Judge Doom, and Joanna Cassidy stars as the detective’s girlfriend. Directed by Robert Zemeckis. $10 // Friday and Saturday at midnight // 143 E. Houston.

Rear Window Graces Sunshine’s Midnight Movie Screen

Hitchcock fans rejoice; you can catch Rear Window on the big screen this weekend at the Sunshine Cinema’s Midnight Movie. Grace Kelly never looked so smart (and glamorous) and Mr. Stewart is pretty witty in that wheelchair.  Thelma Ritter plays an excellent sidekick to them both. Somehow this apartment gazing, peeping tom thriller has endured, and still manages to entice, especially if you get to see it projected as it was meant to be seen. $9.99 // Fri. and Sat. at midnight // 143 East Houston Street

Weekend Guide

From the installation "Series of Vulnerable Arrangements—Voice and Wind (2009)" in the New Museum's Lobby Gallery

Along with our Weekend Music Picks, Nutcracker in the Lower at Abrons and the NORFOLKSNYC Holiday Co-op Market, here are a few more highlights from events happening on the Lower East Side this weekend:

Friday, Dec. 3

  • The Museum at Eldridge Street has extended their Friday hours. They write: We (now) offer new extended Friday hours from 10am to 3pm, with reflective music in our beautiful main sanctuary from 2-3pm. It’s the perfect way to end the work week and usher in the Sabbath.

Weekend Guide

Radio Purgatory - currently running at Dixon Place.

It’s going to be an action packed weekend on the Lower East Side.  Along with Ken Beasley’s Music Picks, the Steampunk Haunted House at Abrons and an East Village eating tour that supports the arts, here are a few more events worth checking out.

Midnight Movie at the Sunshine: Purple Rain

For a fantastic blast from the past, you can catch Prince in his 1984 classic, Purple Rain, this weekend at the Sunshine Cinema’s Midnight Movie. Cheer on “The Kid” as he tries to survive the rugged Minneapolis nightclub scene and hold on to the lovely Apollonia Kotero, all to the crazy great soundtrack that includes “Let’s Go Crazy,” “When Doves Cry” and the title song. $9.99 // Friday and Saturday at midnight // 143 E. Houston Street.

The Sunshine Midnight Movie: An All About Evil Extravaganza

This week’s Midnight Movie at the Sunshine Cinema is the East Coast premier of Joshua Grannell’s feature film debut, All About Evil.  Grannell, better known as midnight movie impresario Peaches Christ, will appear with horror filmmaker Alan Rowe Kelly and the film’s star, actress Natasha Lyonne

Midnight Movie at the Sunshine – Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams

This weekend’s midnight movie at the Sunshine Cinema is Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams.  A classic from 1981 “directed” by Tommy Chong and “written” by the dynamic duo (though the production notes claim the original script was three and a half pages).

Midnight Movie at the Sunshine – Pink Flamingos

This week’s “Sunshine at Midnight” movie is a restored version of John Waters’
“camp-freak-trash-cult sensation,” Pink Flamingos (NYTimes Review). Known as one of the most notorious cult films ever made, the 1972 underground classic features the infamous transvestite performer, Divine. $9.99 // Friday, July 9th and Saturday, July 10th // Adults Only! // 143 E. Houston Street.

Memorial Day Weekend Guide

We’ve got plenty of ideas for your “stay-cation” this Memorial Day Weekend.  If there are other L.E.S. events or activities that you’d like us to know about, please email us.

The weather might be too warm to resist taking a field trip over to Pier 40 for some FREE kayaking, brought to you by the NYC Downtown Boathouse.  Usually only available on weekends, they’ll be open this Monday for the holiday.  Walk-ups are welcome from 9a – 6p with the last boat going out at 5:30p.