Mayor Reacts to City Council Passage of Seward Park Plan

Rendering: NYC Economic Development Corp.

Last night we posted a full wrap-up from City Hall after the City Council approved the sweeping Seward Park land use application.  There’s more reaction today to the historic vote, which ended four decades of acrimony and inaction surrounding the large development site.  In a press release, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said:

Seward Park has long had the potential to bring new jobs, new housing and new retail options to one of New York City’s most vibrant neighborhoods… Today we know that that potential will be realized. After nearly half a century of sitting dormant, this piece of real estate – some of the most valuable underdeveloped land anywhere – will finally be transformed. Thanks to an historic and unprecedented community planning process, the plan that is moving directly reflects the input of residents, community members and other stakeholders.

Chin Celebrates Historic Victory – Promises “Active Representation” of Community


Sheldon Silver congratulating Margaret Chin

Margaret Chin made history last night, coasting to an easy win in the District 1 City Council race. She becomes the first Chinese councilmember to represent Manhattan's Chinatown, and the first Asian woman on the City Council. The victory party, in a cavernous banquet hall on Mott Street, was not only a celebration of Chin's accomplishment but also a celebration of Chinatown's new political clout.

Chin steamrolled her nominal Republican opponent, Irene Horvath, 86-percent (17.412) to 14-percent (2,834). She becomes one of at least 13 new members of the City Council, and one of five challengers to have knocked off incumbents. Together, those new members, are expected to counter-balance a newly elected, but weakened, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn. In September's Democratic Primary, Chin defeated two-term incumbent Alan Gerson, who backed Bloomberg and Quinn's maneuver to extend term limits.