Free Film Preview of “Variations,” Made By Lower East Side Residents, Tonight

From Marinella Senatore's "Variations," a film made in collaboration with Lower East Side Residents this past January.

We met Italian filmmaker Marinella Senatore a few months ago when she was in town casting for her latest collaborative film project, Variations.  She was looking for residents from the neighborhood to write, shoot and perform in the production. Now, the completed piece is included in No Longer Empty’s group show, About Face.  This evening, you can watch a preview of the film and hear the filmmaker talk about the process of creating such a unique project. It’s being screened at the Millenium Film Workshop on E. 4th Street at 7pm. They write:

Ready To Meet The L.E.S. – Artist Marinella Senatore

Artist and filmmaker Marinella Senatore will be making a film with, and created by, Lower East Side residents

Italian filmmaker and artist Marienella Senatore creates site specific, group film projects with communities around the world.  Her film, Speak Easy, was created and produced by 1200 residents of Madrid, Spain. Over 400 residents of Trento, Italy, helped create All The Things I Need, a musical collaboration about the life of W. Bentley. Now she’s ready to create a project with the residents of the Lower East Side. I met with her yesterday as she was preparing for a three-day long casting call, which will take place at Clemente Soto Velez.