The Lo-Down Magazine: December 2015

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Here’s the December 2015/January 2016 issue of our print magazine. It’s a special edition: “Essential LES,” is a guide to the Lower East Side’s indispensable small businesses. This magazine is part of our Small Business Survival Project. We have an online version of the guide here. Click below to read the PDF version of the magazine.

The Lo-Down Magazine: February 2015

Our February 2015 print magazine is hitting the streets. You can pick up a copy at locations throughout the neighborhood.

The Lo-Down Magazine: December 2014

Our December 2014 print magazine is making the rounds. You can pick up a copy at locations throughout the neighborhood.

The Lo-Down Magazine: September 2014

The Lo-Down Magazine- September 2014 by The Lo-Down

Our September print magazine will start popping up this week. You can pick up a copy at locations throughout the neighborhood.

Op/Ed: Samuel Dickstein Plaza, Named For a Soviet Spy, Should Be Rebranded

This month in our print magazine, we debuted a new regular feature: a guest opinion column we’re calling “Local Voices.”  The first opinion piece was written by Susan LaRosa of Henry Street Settlement.  If you’ve got something to say and you’d like to say it in The Lo-Down, send a 500-word article to  Submissions will be considered for either print or online publication.

Here’s Our May Print Issue; Our One Year Anniversary!

The Lo-Down Magazine – May 2013 by The Lo-Down

The May edition of our print magazine is hitting the streets today.  This afternoon, you’ll start to see it at locations throughout the neighborhood.  This issue is a pretty big deal for us, because it’s now been a year since we launched the magazine.  Thanks to all of our readers and sponsors who have made it a success.  We’re looking forward to another great year online and in print.


The Lo-Down’s Magazine is Back in 2013!

Today we’re excited to announce that our monthly print magazine will return this year, bigger and better!   After launching The Lo-Down Magazine in May of last year, we received a great response from both readers and advertisers. Beginning with next month’s magazine, we’ll publish 10 issues in 2013.

We didn’t know exactly what to expect when we made the decision to start the magazine last spring.  Right away it became clear the print edition would allow us to focus on the kinds of topics that tend to get lost in the shuffle online.  The magazine has also made it possible for us to greatly expand our reach throughout the Lower East Side. Most important, it’s helping us create a sustainable model for hyperlocal news in our neighborhood.  So we’re looking ahead to another great year, both online and in print.

If you’re a local business interested in advertising, we’re offering special deals on annual sponsorship packages.  Our ad deadline for the February magazine is January 18. For more details, send us an email at

Here Comes Your New Neighborhood: What SPURA Means For the LES

The Seward Park site, looking south on Delancey Street. Photo by Vivienne Gucwa.

The following story first appeared in the May 2012 edition of The Lo-Down’s print magazine:

It’s a beautiful spring morning on the Lower East Side in the year 2022. You have awakened in your sun-splashed rental apartment on the 24th floor of Seward Park Plaza East, a recently completed building on the southwest corner of Delancey and Clinton streets. As is your Saturday habit, you throw on some clothes and head on over to the gleaming new Essex Street Market, passing by shoppers heading into the Home Depot that consumes the second floor of your building.

Inside the bustling market, you glance at a small exhibit acknowledging its pushcart origins in four recently demolished WPA-era buildings further up Essex Street. Coffee and egg sandwich in hand, you emerge on Broome Street at a small park. Sitting on a bench, you watch kids swinging and coiffed doormen greeting guests at the boutique hotel that’s just opened near the Williamsburg Bridge. Finishing breakfast, you wander up the block to check out what’s playing at the Seward Park Cinema.