Photos: Chinatown’s Lunar New Year Parade

Photos by Tim Schreier.

Photos by Tim Schreier.

It was a gorgeous day (how things change in 24 hours) in Chinatown yesterday for the 15th annual Lunar New Year Parade, a production of the Better Chinatown Society. Tim Schreier got some great shots from the festivities, as locals greeted the Year of the Horse.

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Lunar New Year Parade Snakes Through Chinatown!

Photos by Tim Schreier.

It was cold and windy yesterday afternoon, but that didn’t stop New Yorkers from coming out to watch the annual Chinese Lunar New Year Parade.  Crowds lined the streets in Chinatown and the Lower East Side to celebrate the Year of the Snake.  Tim Schreier got some great shots of the parade and of the bundled up parade-goers.

Scenes From Chinatown’s Lunar New Year Parade

2012 Lunar New Year Parade, Chinatown. Photo by

According to the Better Chinatown Society, the event sponsor, yesterday’s Lunar New Year Parade in Chinatown drew more than 400,000 spectators. We took in the sights and sounds along Mott Street, just barely surviving the press section mosh pit at the start of the route on Hester. Gearing up for a hotly contested mayoral campaign, this year’s parade created some interesting photo opportunities for local pols. Maybe we’ll get into that sometime in the future. For the moment, let’s relive the good times!