Ludwig Persik in Residency at Pianos

Ludwig Persik is playing at Pianos before heading out on tour with Jamie Lidell. Photo via tumblr.

One of our favorite “LES-ers” (read our My LES interview with him here) has snagged a residency at Pianos (158 Ludlow Street).  His self-titled debut EP, released last summer, was produced by indie beat boxing/synth/soul mystro Jamie Lidell, with whom Persik toured in 2010.  The album was featured as Deli’s “NYC Record of the Month” last July and is tricky to categorize, since words like “art pop, psychedelic, experimental, the Beatles and Beck” come to mind, but it will definitely make you want to dance.

Persik tells me his influences for the album were “John Lennon, Skip Spence, David Bowie, Love (Arthur Lee’s band in the ’60s), and Talking Heads,” not to mention Kurt Weill.   You can catch him tonight and next Wednesday at 11pm for a mere $5, before he heads out on an international tour with Lidell.

My LES: Ludwig Persik

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What do you do?
I play music! In 2010, I was swooped up on a world tour singing and playing guitar for Jamie Lidell, promoting his 2010 album, Compass. It was an absolute dream come true. This year I finished recording my debut album in Nashville, Tenn., which was produced by the very same Mr. Lidell! Currently, I’m playing shows in NYC promoting the EP, which is available for free on my website. Our next show is Dec. 6 at Glasslands, so stay tuned. Yep!

How long have you lived on the LES?
I grew up on Avenue B, and went to the Neighborhood School for elementary school, and NEST+m for middle and high school. So, my answer: forever.