Shakeup at Ludlow Manor: Luc Carl is Out

Ludlow Manor, 95 Delancey Street. Photo credit: Grub Street.

Ludlow Manor is back in business tonight after a series of missteps with Community Board 3 and (more importantly) the State Liquor Authority. They’re now serving real food (peanut butter sandwiches have been replaced by tapas) and the booze is flowing on the ground floor.

A few hours ago we received an email from publicist Nick Carcaterra, who’s now representing the troubled bar. The big headlines: Paul Seres, head of the New York Nightlife Association, has been brought in to get the big entertainment multiplex on track… and Luc Carl (Lady Gaga’s ex) is no longer in the picture.

Update: Ludlow Manor Shuttered Indefinitely

The only lights on at Ludlow Manor, for now, are the reflections from across Delancey Street.

Following up on last week’s news that Ludlow Manor had its alcohol permit suspended, we checked in with the State Liquor Authority to see what’s next for Delancey Street’s new triplex mega-bar.

Here’s the upshot: the fledgling nightlife spot may reopen, but it’s unclear when.

After SLA authorities issued a stern summons to owner Tomasz Dyszkiewicz on Dec. 19 to appear before its board in January, Dyszkiewicz responded by pleading “conditional no contest” to the charges leveled against his business, and offered to pay a $10,000 fine, according to SLA documents obtained by The Lo-Down. The complaint included accusations that on at least two different occasions in November, police officers observed Ludlow Manor serving alcohol at bars on the second and third floors that were not licensed. (The club was licensed for a first-floor bar only.)

CB3 Panel Comes Down Hard on Ludlow Manor

Photo credit: Grub Street.

As we all are very much aware by now, Luc Carl, Lady Gaga’s ex, likes to hang out with “sexy people” who “care how their hair looks.” So it probably goes without saying that he was unimpressed with Community Board 3 even before members of the liquor licensing committee read him the riot act last night.

Carl, cohort Georgie Seville and the team from “The Delancey” returned to CB3’s SLA Committee for a third time in their ill-fated quest to extend their liquor permit at the “Ludlow Manor,” the triple-decker nightlife complex they opened in October. The panel voted 3-2 to reject their bid for liquor permits on the second and third floors (they received permission for a ground floor license earlier this year). The problem: board members were rather displeased that the club had apparently been serving alcohol on the roof-top bar in spite of the fact that the State Liquor Authority has not yet acted on a permanent license.

Details Emerge About Ludlow Manor, Triplex Bar on Delancey

Ludlow Manor, at the corner of Delancey and Ludlow, is scheduled to open later this month.

This morning, the NY Post reported that Ludlow Manor, the new outsized bar nearing completion at the corner of Delancey and Ludlow streets, has some celebrity cachet in backer Luc Carl, former manager of LES bar St. Jerome’s, and off-again, on-again playmate of local sweetheart Lady Gaga. From the Page Six story:

The hot spot will include a tapas restaurant, a rock club run by Carl and a revolving DJ roster at the rooftop bar, which will feature a retractable roof  and smoking area. “I want sexy people that care how their hair looks,” said Carl.

Friends of the metal rocker DJ, who plans to publish a book about losing weight while drinking heavily (“The Drunk Diet,” due out March 2012), got a private preview of his new 480-patron venue at a Halloween party Monday night. Judging from the Twitter chatter, it was quite the scene, with music by the Rivington Rebels.

News of Carl’s involvement was just the latest development in a busy run-up to opening day for the bar’s backers, who include Georgie Seville and the folks behind The Delancey, another rooftop bar just a few blocks east.