Good Morning!

Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree lot at the old firehouse on Broome Street, between Suffolk and Clinton. Photo by elbrozzie.

Rain showers today with a high of 61. The rain will continue into this evening and tomorrow.

321 Grand Street Boarded Up After Weekend Fire

Photo by Linda Jones.

Owners of 321 Grand Street, where a fire broke out Friday night, moved quickly Sunday to protect the 125 year old building from the elements.  Windows on three floors of the former Ridley & Sons Department Store are now boarded up and plastic covers holes in the roof.

The “pink building” (as a lot of people call it) has been on the market the past several years and the Landmarks Preservation Commission is deciding whether to protect the historic facade.  Over the weekend, the fire department told us the blaze started at around 3:15 a.m. (Friday into Saturday) on the third floor. The fire was brought under control in about an hour.

Given the owner’s stated desire to redevelop the property, preservationists intend to pay very close attention to what happens next at 321 Grand.  This photo above was sent to us by Linda Jones, a Community Board 3 member. Joyce Mendelsohn, the Lower East Side historian, said she recalled the application for landmarking was brought before the city on two separate occasions. Apparently this was due to a mistake in the paperwork during the initial hearing.

We’ll be checking with the Landmarks Commission today about the status of the application.


Good Morning!

Another Kind of Morning

Orchard and Broome streets. Photo by Roey Ahram.

Look for cloudy skies today and a high of 60. The forecast calls for rain late tonight, continuing into tomorrow.  Our Community Calendar is freshly updated to start the week. Have a look – and feel free to self-submit your own events.


Good Morning!

Photo by Chiun Ng.

Thanks to Chiun Ng for sending this photo from La Plaza Cultural, the community garden on East 9th Street. Today it’s going to be rainy and windy at times with a high of 63.  Looks like the rain will stick around until mid-week.  We’ve updated our Calendar to start the week. As usual, there’s lots happening on the Lower East Side. You can add your own community events directly from the calendar page.



Five Days Remain to Support Lower East Side Photo Project

Lo-Down reader Kristin Ellington reminded us that there’s only a few more days left in the Kickstarter campaign to help fund Brian Rose’s “Time and Space on the Lower East Side.” 

Youth Violence on the LES: A View From the Front Lines

A makeshift memorial was set up at Campos Plaza following Keith Salgado's murder.

The murder of a Lower East Side teenager this past weekend has, understandably, shaken a lot of people who live in, or have ties to, the neighborhood’s public housing developments.  For now, friends and family are focused on tomorrow’s funeral of 18-year old Keith Salgado. But when the mourning is over,  Salgado’s killing Saturday night at the Campos Plaza complex, three blocks from his home on East 9th Street, is sure to renew an all-too-familiar debate about youth violence in this community.

“Sons of Essex” Rolls Out Video, Reveals New Menu Items

Look what’s popped up online — an intriguing video greeting/LES tribute from the new restaurant, “Sons of Essex,” featuring cameos from all sorts of familiar neighborhood types as well as luminaries from the entertainment and art worlds.

Leading up to a targeted debut next Thursday night (October 27th), the spot at 133 Essex Street has been generating quite a bit of buzz.  Celebrities such as Lizzie Olsen, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin, Zoe Kravitz and Penn Badgley have stopped by for pre-opening events.

Food-Focused Shopping on the Lower East Side

Photo by Cynthia Lamb.

I’ve heard complaints that our neighborhood isn’t so good when it comes to shopping. I may not buy much “stuff,” but I spend a sizable chunk of change on food, wine and other kitchen-related items. I think our neighborhood rules for this kind of shopping — maybe not so much if your ideal is Martha Stewart or the Williams-Sonoma catalog. But those with a more eclectic style can do very well scavenging for bargain cooking utensils, serving vessels and hard to find ingredients. Allow me to share some of my favorite places to shop with you.

A number of my favorite kitchen items come from Chinese restaurant supply stores on Grand Street, Canal Street and the Bowery. Like my go to knife, a Chinese cleaver, available in many of these shops for well under $20. I like the #1 and #4 sizes. They may look scary, but in over two decades, I’ve never hurt myself with one. I have nicked myself with my much more expensive chef’s knife, so it stays in the drawer until I absolutely need it for tricky knife work.

Good Morning!


Photo by Joel Raskin.

Not quite so balmy today as yesterday but still amazing fall weather. Look for partly cloudy skies and a high of 73.  Enjoy while you can. Rain in the forecast for tomorrow.


Good Morning!

More rain showers are possible today and this evening. Look for a high of 65.  Then we’ll dry out – sunshine and warmer weather are in the forecast the rest of the week.

Good Morning!

Orchard and Broome

Photo by Roey Ahram.

We’ll see showers off and on today and a high of 61.  More rain likely tomorrow, but we’ll dry out by mid-week. Lots happening on the Lower East Side this month. Check out our freshly updated Calendar.



Good Morning!

Photo by Rich Caplan.

Mostly sunny today with a high of 77. A stray thunderstorm possible in the afternoon.  Tomorrow, rainy with a high of 64.  More showers on Sunday with a high of 58.  Don’t let the storm clouds get you down – have a good weekend!


Lower East Side Storm Clouds Roll In

View of the storm rollin' in over the LES - from the New Museum's terrace.

Our friends at the New Museum just sent over this photo of the storm clouds rolling in over the LES.  The shot was taken from their terrace.  Stay dry out there!

Morning Reads: LES School on “Struggling” List, Possible Velazquez Challenger, Beyond the Books at St. Mark’s Bookshop

  • John L. Bernstein Elementary School has been added to the Department of Education’s list of struggling schools (Fox NY).
  • A possible challenge to Rep. Nydia Velazquez, who represents sections of the Lower East Side? (The Perez Notes)
  • John Legend puts his East Village apartment on the market (Post).
  • A tribute to the vestibule at the St. Mark’s Bookshop (Jeremiah).


Good Morning!


Photo by Roey Ahram.

Another muggy day is ahead. Showers and fog this morning before the sun pokes through in the afternoon. Look for a high near 80.