Cooking at Home, Fresh and Local

Now that the CSA season is upon us and local farmer’s markets are beginning to come back to life, we are delighted to have LES resident and chef Carlin Greenstein contributing a weekly seasonal recipe.  Here is her recipe for a fresh spring salad you can make at home:

Spring Salad by Carlin Greenstein

It is early June and it seems that we skipped right over springtime and landed smack in summer!  To a chef, the shift out of winter in the kitchen is like peeling off our extra layers of clothing.  Just as our skin craves the warmth of the sun, our palates crave bright, crisp and light flavors.

I went to the farmer’s market out on Long Island this weekend and made a super simple and purely local salad; peppery baby arugula mingled with pea shoots, spring onions, snap peas, carrots and golden & red beets.

My L.E.S. – Carlin Greenstein

Carlin Greenstein at the Hester Street Fair

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What do you do?

I am a Private Chef.  I’ve spent the majority of my career cooking for celebrities in the entertainment industry.  I also run a small business called, Chew On This. We design and sell two culinary wheels (guides), one for buying local, seasonal produce and the other on how to use fresh herbs in your cooking.