Around 300 Lady Gaga Books Sold at New Museum

Photo by K Webster.

Lo-Down reader K Webster snapped this photo early today high above the New Museum, where fans camped out on the sidewalk for a chance to attend a book event next Tuesday night featuring Lady Gaga and celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.  In order to score a ticket, you had to buy a copy of “Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson” ($54).

We hear about 300 copies were snapped up shortly after the museum opened at 10 a.m.  There’s no doubt they could have sold a lot more but Lady Gaga’s people wanted to make sure everyone who bought a book gets a chance to meet her.  Gaga and Richardson were excited to hold the event in the neighborhood due to their Lower East Side ties and the New Museum Bookstore was happy to oblige.

Did you score a ticket today? If so, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us at

Lady Gaga Frenzy About to Ensue at New Museum

We just returned from the New Museum, where fans of Lady Gaga camped out through the night for a chance to attend a book event featuring the ubiquitous pop star and celebrity photographer Terry Richardson next Tuesday.  The line began forming yesterday afternoon and now snakes around Stanton Street all the way to Chrystie. Bleary-eyed Gaga devotees seem to be in good spirits. But they’ve got awhile to wait. Nu-Mu’s doors don’t open until 10 a.m. In order to attend next week’s event, you’ve got to buy “Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson,” the $50 coffee table book..  We first brought you news of the upcoming Gaga-frenzy Friday afternoon.

Lady Gaga Book Launch at New Museum November 22

This will be quite the scene! The New Museum will be hosting the only U.S. launch event for Lady Gaga’s new photo book.  The book features more than 350 color and black and white photographs taken by fashion photographer Terry Richardson during the 10 month period between August 2010 and February 2011.

“Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson” will debut November 22nd, in the New Museum Store, from 6-8 p.m.  Gaga and Richardson will both be present to sign books.  “To attend this book launch,” the New Museum web site explains, ” you must pre-order the book in person at… the store; there is a limit of one book per person. Pre-orders will be taken on Tuesday November 15, 2011, starting 10:00 a.m., first-come, first-served. A limited number of books will be available.”


Morning Reads: Gaga’s Ex Helms 95 Delancey Mega-Bar, Bridge Patrols, Jeffrey Lewis’ New Work

  • Lady Gaga’s ex, Luc Carl, is behind the triplex nightclub, Ludlow Manor, set to open “later this month” at 95 Delancey St. (Later today, we’ll have more coverage of the bar’s liquor license efforts and other details.) (NYPost)
  • “Pedestrian safety managers” on the East River bridges have a really “stressful” job and say they see cyclists “kicking tourists.” (Gothamist)
  • A look at the new album from the LES’ “prolific anti-folk singer-songwriter,” Jeffrey Lewis. (NPR)
  • Carsten Holler’s show at the New Museum gets the green light from city inspectors. (WNYC)
  • Mast Books on Avenue A gets props from an NYC makeup artist. (Racked)

Gaga Listening Party Comes to Angel Orensanz

The fourth stop on Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way Haus Party Tour,” (a.k.a. Listening Party) will be at Angel Orensanz tomorrow night.  The party is in honor of her most recent album release, “Born This Way,” and you too can dress up in outrageous garb, and hopefully make it in to the VIP lounge and drink lots of free Belvedere, for a small fee, of course. Who knows, maybe The Gaga herself will show…GiltCity is selling tickets for the waitlist here. $40 // Thursday, May 26 // 172 Norfolk.

Rape Trial to Jury, LES Movie Shoot, Gaga on MTV

  • Trial of NYPD officer accused of rape goes to the jury today. (ABC7)
  • Photos from Monday’s LES filming of “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.” (DNAinfo)
  • An MTV special airing next week showcases Lady Gaga’s LES roots. (MTV)
  • An East Village dad takes the nightlife crackdown into his own hands. (EVGrieve, Gothamist)

Littler Italy, SPURA “Affordability” Studied, Gaga Scene “Relatively Quiet”

  • Census report fails to find a single resident of Little Italy who was born in Italy (NYT).
  • Analysis of SPURA guidelines indicates “the lion’s share of new apartments—the market rate units—will be affordable only to a tiny fraction of the current residents of Chinatown and the Lower East Side.” (Open City).
  • Owners of 80/20 rental  buildings are threatening to deregulate their low income apartments if the city doesn’t offer tax relief (WSJ).
  • Hunter College fellow: Bloomberg’s affordable housing policies are actually accelerating the pace of gentrification and displacement (Gotham Gazette).

Lady Gaga – Returns to the Lower East Side

What do you do in a snow storm? Walk down the street in your underwear? No, probably not. But then again you’re not Lady Gaga! Twitter, Facebook and the gossip rags are lighting up with news of Gaga’s return to the Lower East Side this afternoon (Rivington Street to be exact). INF Daily reports:

It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing outside – when Lady Gaga wants to clomp down the street in her underwear and horsey shoes, she’s going to do just that. We suppose she means to shock us, but we’re beyond that. Let’s face it – Madonna hailed a cab stark naked back in the day. Her ensemble is prudish by comparison! Gag Gag is filming an HBO special about her Monsterball tour. So naturally she has to strip down in the freezing cold. Word is she would do a few takes and then run into a deli to warm up and get coffee. What surprises us more than anything is the fact that we spotted her actually smiling! She was genuinely happy to see someone. She should smile more often – she looks so much better when she shows some teeth.

On 60 Minutes: Lady Gaga, Anderson Cooper Tour LES

Anderson Cooper and Lady Gaga via 60 Minutes

Remember last month when Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper were spotted, video cameras in tow, on Stanton Street? Well the story they were taping airs on 60 Minutes this coming Sunday. Here’s an entertaining preview (after the jump):

Lady Gaga & Anderson Cooper on Stanton Street

Photo via Cat Sitter in the City.

Cat Sitter in the City (via EV Grieve) breaks the blockbuster news that Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper are hanging out on Stanton Street. Grieve reports:

…Lady Gaga is showing Anderson her old stomping grounds at 176 Stanton… it appears that they enter the building for a tour… afterwards, the pair walk toward Clinton Street, where a police car pulls up. Lady Gaga says hello, etc. They move on. Then! The police car pulls in front of 176 Stanton, where someone who could be the super emerges and starts screaming and gesturing. Basically, he’s pe-od that Lady Gaga got into the building… Minutes later, the super is still screaming.

You can be almost certain we haven’t heard the last of this.