Ken’s Music Pick: Bryan Dunn at Rockwood Music Hall

Bryan Dunn

There’s a lot that I like about songwriter Bryan Dunn’s style, and it’s not just that he’s from my hometown of Austin, TX. Although, if you discover this particular piece of trivia after hearing him play first, it does make a lot of sense. Dunn’s music does that great Texas thing — mixing pop and rock with old-school blues and country, so confidently that you’re sure he’s been surrounded by those sounds his entire life, and the life before.

Not that Dunn is all twang and grit. He certainly has a clear and equal appreciation for the” folkies” of his parents’ generation and the rockers of his own.  He’s a sharp lyricist.  Songs like “The Ballad of Emily Rose” give many a nod to the troubadour styling’s of Bob Dylan, while “You South Dakota” shows the influence of Tom Petty’s more melodic work.