Kenny Scharf’s 100 Murals on LES Roll-Down Gates

A Kenny Scharf mural on the Bowery - photo courtesy of Digital Dose at Fresh Paint NYC

The neighborhood is abuzz with talk of spray paint maven Kenny Scharf’s “Gates Project.”  The artist is back on the LES, aiming to paint 100 local roll-down gates.  L Magazine has been keeping close tabs on the ongoing project.  Thanks to Digital Dose at Fresh Paint NYC for these shots. (More after the jump.)

Kenny Scharf Finishing Up His Mural at Houston & Bowery

Photographer Stephen Spera sent us some more great photos of Kenny Scharf at work last night — almost finished! (See earlier.) What a neighborhood.  More after the jump…

Kenny Scharf Takes His Turn at Houston & Bowery

The artist takes a break from work on the mural wall at Houston & Bowery

Everyone is smiling about Kenny Scharf‘s new work in progress at the mural wall on Houston & Bowery (also known at the Deitch Wall).  It’s very appropriate that the longtime friend of the late Keith Harring gets to make his mark, as the wall was originally put up in tribute to Harring who famously tagged the location back in the 80’s. The wall is being “curated” by Deitch Projects and many uber-taggers have been asked to contribute their own graffiti art over the last couple years. More photos after the jump.