Remembering Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb outside his Orchard Street store in 2018 with musician Keith Patchel and LES documentarian Clayton Patterson.

Jimmy Webb outside his Orchard Street store in 2018 with musician Keith Patchel and LES documentarian Clayton Patterson.

Tributes are pouring in from punk rock luminaries and Lower East Side neighbors for Jimmy Webb. The owner of I Need More at 75 Orchard St. and the longtime buyer for Trash & Vaudeville died of cancer earlier this week at the age of 62.

Webb was for years a fixture on St. Mark’s Place, where he went to work at Trash & Vaudeville in 1999, and later became manager. “With an eye for the perfect-fitting skintight jeans and authentic style,” wrote Rolling Stone, “he pulled together looks for punk rockers and pop stars alike, including outfitting everyone from the Ramones to Beyoncé and Justin Bieber.” Debbie Harry told the New York Post, “There goes a lovely unique NYC character. I feel lucky to have known him.” Henry Rollins added,  “Jimmy Webb was one of the sweetest human beings I ever met.”

Webb opened his own store on lower Orchard Street in the fall of 2017, instantly making the block more interesting. The one-of-a-kind shop was a breath of fresh air in a gentrified neighborhood, where the cutting edge creative culture of the 80s and 90s is mostly just a memory. Earlier this year, Webb hosted an event “Footprints in February,” inside the store where Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop put their handprints and footprints in concrete.

In response to his passing, Iggy Pop said, “Jimmy was a ragged ray of sunshine in a world that’s getting darker.” In recent years, he noted, Webb, “dedicated his life to his store, ‘I Need More’, and to the people he collected through that theatre… and he was it’s star, gossiping, laughing, cackling but always encouraging and spotlighting what he thought was beautiful about the people and world around him.”

Rock & Roll Boutique Signs Lease at 75 Orchard St.

75 Orchard St.

75 Orchard St.

It looks like Orchard Street is getting a little rock and roll.

According to the property owner at 75 Orchard St., a lease has been signed for a retail outlet called, “I Need More Rock & Roll.” The space, formerly occupied by The Dressing Room, is managed by SMA Equities. The Dressing Room closed after a decade on the Lower East Side earlier this year.

We’re told that Jimmy Webb, the longtime manager and merchandiser of Trash & Vaudeville, the legendary punk emporium on St. Mark’s Place (the store moved to East 7th Street last year), is behind the new venture.

In a statement, Samy Mahfar of SMA Equities said, “This lease is an important millstone for this asset as we continue to redevelop underperforming properties.” The lease was handled by Chris Guzzello and Tarik Bouzourene of Real New York, Mahfar’s real estate brokerage firm.

The store is expected to open in the fall, although it could happen sooner. The buildout of the space, located next door to Cafe Katja, is taking place now.