Weekend Guide

There is plenty going on here on the Lower East Side this weekend.  Here are some highlights:

Rooftop Legends curator and NDHS dean, Jesse Pais

New Design High School will present their 2010 “Rooftop Legends” show on Saturday with an opening reception from 3-7pm. The curated show is a graffiti event that takes place up on the open rooftop of New Design High School (formerly Seward Park) and is a fundraiser for the school.

TLD Visits Rooftop Legends at New Design High School

We recently visited a fantastic show on the roof of New Design High School.  The school's third annual Rooftop Legends show included graffiti artists from around the world and resulted in an array of fabulous art on the walls all around the roof top. The school integrates different forms of design into a high school curriculum and uses graffiti art as one way to engage students.  We were able to catch some of the artists in action and spoke with students Channel Warner and Sierra Williams about the show.

The Rooftop Legends show is curated by NDHS Dean, Jesse Pais (a former graffiti artist), and is more important than ever as the charter school tries to raise funds for student programs after facing budget cuts three years in a row. Some of the artists featured include: Vins, Dezo, Tatu, Klass, Page, Keo, Cycle, Bounce, El Coro, and Doc TC5.  Music from DJ enuff and "Rockin' It" by The Fearless Four (we had to go old school) . For more about New Design High and to help their cause, visit their website.

15 Seconds – New Design High School’s Scott Conti and Jesse Pais on the L.E.S.

We caught up with Principal Scott Conti and Dean Jesse Pais at New Design High School's Rooftop Legends show over the weekend.  They told us why they love the Lower East Side.  We'll be posting a piece about their school and the Rooftop Legends show soon.

Posted by Traven Rice