Have a Look at the Detailed Plans For the Jarmulowsky Building’s New Dome

Jarmulowsky Owners Decide to Restore Large Dome Atop Hotel

CB3 Committee Okays Decorative Sidewalk Plan Around Jarmulowsky Building

jarmulowsky side by side

The restoration of of the Jarmulowsky Bank Building at 54 Canal St. is a painstaking process.  But the conversion of the city landmark to a boutique hotel is continuing.  Last night, the project took another small step forward as Community Board 3’s transportation committee signed off on a plan to create a new sidewalk alongside the 12-story, 1912 tower.

Architect Ron Castellano is planning to replace the standard cement sidewalk with decorative glass tiles that will provide some light in the basement of the new hotel.  You’ve probably seen similar bricks in Soho, along Broadway.  Castellano said it’s necessary to rebuild the vaults, which are in very bad condition, so much of the foundation of the building is getting a makeover.  He’ll be taking the proposal to the Public Design Commission along with other city agencies.

Landmarks Commission Approves Jarmulowsky Building Restoration Plan

Jarmulowsky Bank building, 54 Canal Street; December 2012.

The restoration of the Jarmulowsky Bank building is one step closer to reality this afternoon. Earlier today the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the plans, which include rooftop modifications but are mostly aimed at returning the structure to its original 1912 glory.  The Jarmulowsky, destined to become a boutique hotel, is owned by DLJ Real Estate Partners.

Ron Castellano, a Lower East Side preservation architect, helped lead the successful effort to protect the building in 2009.  Now he and restaurant operator Taavo Somer are handling the restoration project for the owners.  In a presentation before the commission, Castellano explained what will be involved in the huge overhaul of a building that has been neglected for many years.