The Slipper Room Players Release Their Debut Feature Film Tomorrow

SlipperRoom Cruel Tale

The burlesque performance art team at The Slipper Room (a.k.a. The Slipper Room Players) are officially releasing their debut film, The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man, online tomorrow, Sat., Oct. 15th.  It won Best Feature at the Coney Island Film Festival in 2015. They write:

This dark, storybook fairy tale is a genre-defying mixture of comedy, horror, sex, fantasy, freak show, dream and cartoon. On top of that, it’s loaded with underground (and some mainstream) marquee names: Mat Fraser (from American Horror Story: Freak Show), his wife, the burlesque performer and choreographer Julie Atlas Muz, Slipper Room founder and Artistic Director James Habacker (who wrote and directed), Mistress of the New York School of Burlesque, Jo Weldon, and an impressive list of downtown New York performers, musicians, and artists such as Stormy Leather, Joe Coleman, and Bunny Love.

The film is an ensemble piece that showcases much of the talent that lives and works within the orbit of The Slipper Room, the New York City variety theatre that is the birthplace of neo-burlesque. The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man has the delirious and free attitude that has been the linchpin in New York underground film since the sixties – sophisticated, daring, dirty, heroic, playful, defying category and the expectations of the “market,” essentially giving the finger to anyone who thinks it’s “weird,” even as it entertains the hell out of those willing to go along for the ride.

You can rent The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man (or buy it) on vimeo here.

Final Farewell For the Old Slipper Room Tonight

The Slipper Room, home of L.E.S. burlesque and a multitude of wackiness for over a decade, is closing it’s doors with a bang tonight as it prepares for a full-fledged renovation.  Artistic Director James Habacker writes, “Tonight, Wednesday June 16, will be our closing night party at the Slipper Room’s current location.  Wednesday nights have long been my favorite night at the Slipper Room, and tonight should be our most memorable show yet!  The Wednesdays have the feel of the old East Village, when performance bars were a neighborhood thing.