Photos: Christmas Windows at Frank’s Bike Shop

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The Christmas window display at Frank’s Bike Shop on Grand Street is a Lower East Side tradition. Greta Cohen sent along a few photos of this year’s version. A few years ago, owner Frank Arroyo told us dressing up the windows create his favorite LES memories. He loves “fixing up the windows for Christmas and watching the kids come by and smile,” he explained. “If you can bring a little joy to those kids at that time of year, it’s really special.” Frank’s Bike Shop has been located at 553 Grand St. since 1976. The store is open 9 a.m.-7 p.m. every day except Wednesday. Anyone wishing for a new bike for Christmas or Hanukkah?

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Register Your Bike on Sunday with the NYPD

Citi Bike Station Near Frank’s Bike Shop Returns

Some locals will be thrilled, others enraged.  At this hour, workers are re-installing a City Bike station at the intersection of Grand and Henry streets, a short distance away from Frank’s Bike Shop.

City Still Plans to Restore Citi Bike Station at Grand & Henry Streets

In recent days, we’ve been fielding a number of emails from people concerned that a Citi Bike station at Grand and Henry is being permanently eliminated.  But the station, we are told, is coming back.

Citi Bike Station Near Frank’s Bike Shop is Removed

Earlier today, a controversial Citi Bike station at Grand and Henry streets was removed by the Department of Transportation.

Petition: Move Citi Bike Station Away From Frank’s (Updated 6/6/2013)

Frank Arroyo of Frank's Bike Shop.

Frank Arroyo of Frank’s Bike Shop.

My LES alum Frank Arroyo got some attention in the Post earlier this week, in a story that suggested the longtime Grand Street bike shop owner could be “run out of business” by Citi Bike. There’s a bike share station just a short distance from his shop at 553 Grand.  Now Jeremiah Moss of Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York has started a petition, urging the Department of Transportation to move the station. The petition reads:

We support small businesses on the Lower East Side and across the city. Frank’s Bike Shop has been thriving at 533 Grand Street for 37 years, but the Citibank-sponsored Citibike station you put in front of his store threatens his livelihood. We want Frank Arroyo’s business to survive. Please move this station far from Frank’s and let him continue for years to com

As of this morning, there are 208 signatures.

UPDATED: 6/6/2013: There’s a counter-petition started by local residents who say they love Frank’s Bike Shop but do not believe he’ll be hurt by Citi Bike.  Have a look here.