Rothbart Bros. Celebrate Found Magazine’s 10th Anniversary at UCBeast

Author Davy Rothbart (right), creator of FOUND Magazine, and his brother, singer-songwriter Peter Rothbart are on a 79-city tour during fall 2012.

For storyteller Davy Rothbart, New York is, perhaps, the very epicenter of curiosity and that’s good for business. Last week, Rothbart, 37, and his brother Peter, 32, visited UCBeast to celebrate Found Magazine’s 10th anniversary. They are on a tour that will span 37 states and 75 cities in 99 days. Found Magazine, Rothbart’s brainchild, showcases found stuff—tangible, often emotional glimpses into complete strangers’ lives by way of love letters, to-do lists, drawings, ticket stubs, etc. “My Mom says it’s ‘people watching on paper,’” he tells me, “It’s a curiosity about the people we share the world with.”