Book Excerpt: Royal Young’s “Fame Shark”


Photo by Amanda Segur.

Photo by Amanda Segur.

TLD contributor Royal Young, born and raised on the Lower East Side, is making the rounds with “Fame Shark,” his just-published memoir.  He will be celebrating with a book launch party at University Settlement on Friday, June 28th. Today we have an excerpt:

My LES – Royal Young

Royal Young - photo by Lee Brozgol

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What do you do?

I contribute literary coverage to Interview Magazine (as well as the new website, Holy Diver). I also recently completed my debut gritty Manhattan memoir “Fame Shark.”

How long have you lived on the LES?

I was born on a five-flight walk up on Crosby Street and lived there for my first year, while my artist social worker father and neuropsychologist mom removed hypodermic needles, rats and mountains of garbage from an old tenement building on Eldridge Street. I would grow up in this building until dropping out of Bennington College and getting kicked out of my parent’s house at 20. I lived in sketchy apartments in Brooklyn for the next six years and went through intense family therapy, before returning to the Lower East Side and my own crib a (couple) weeks ago.