Paul Rudnick Joins Randy Cohen For “Person Place Thing” at the Museum at Eldridge

Paul Rudnick via Rudnick's website

Photo via Rudnick’s website

Next Wednesday at the Museum at Eldridge Street, humorist and Emmy-award winning writer Randy Cohen will host a live taping and talk of Person Place Thing, his radio interview show. As part of Cohen’s Screenwriter week, the show will welcome celebrated New Yorker contributor and award winning playwright Paul Rudnick. As with all of the guests featured on the show, Rudnick will be asked to share a person, place or thing that is very important to him. In this case, Rudnick will be asked to choose the “thing” from the historic Eldridge Street Synagogue collection.

The show creates an unconventional interview setting by asking guests to indirectly talk about themselves by talking about something they care deeply about. As both host and guest are seasoned funny-men, it should be an entertaining evening.

Wednesday, July 20th | 7:00pm12 Eldridge Street, between Canal and Division Streets | $14 adults | $10 students and seniors | For more information, go here.

Good Morning!

Photo by Chiun Ng.

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