Man Shot During Early Morning Incident at Hester and Essex Streets

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Police are investigating a shooting early this morning on the Lower East Side. According to Channel 7, it happened at about 5 a.m. near the intersection of Essex and Hester streets.

Leading up to the shooting, cops believe there was some kind of argument among people inside several cars. The victim, a 31-year-old man, was hit in the shoulder. He apparently later walked into the emergency room at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Lower Manhattan for treatment. His injury is considered non-life threatening.

Channel 7 reported that a white Mercedes parked in front of the hospital was one of the vehicles likely involved in this morning’s incident.

No arrests yet. Police are looking for the occupants of one or two other cars that might have been at the scene.

UPDATE 11:25 a.m. According to the Daily News, the shooting happened at about 4:35 a.m. The victim is described as “uncooperative” and “refused to provide more details,” according to a police source.

Accident at Essex and Delancey Last Night

Good Morning!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015 | Joel Raskin took this photo on Essex Street near Grand Street | Weather: Mostly sunny skies today with a high of 73 | Happening Today: La MaMa premieres “Trash Cuisine” from Belarus Free Theater, 66 East 1st St., 7 p.m. | Send us your photos and tips | Subscribe to our daily email.

Car Jumps Curb at Essex and Grand Streets (Updated 1:59 p.m.)

Anti-Violence Project, Local Elected Officials Hold Delancey Street Event Tonight

Chin Condemns Anti-Gay Attack on Delancey Street (Updated)

Lower East Side Man Sentenced For 2008 Killing of Wife

Is This the Most Confusing Parking Sign on the Lower East Side?

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The email we received yesterday afternoon was titled, “most confusing parking sign on the LES.”  

Tree Trouble, Essex and Broome Streets

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Four Sentenced For Brutal Beating on Lower East Side

Still image from video; May 2010.

Still image from video; May 2010.

Four young people from Yonkers are going to prison for their roles in the brutal beating of a man on the Lower East Side in 2010.  The incident happened following a night of drinking on Ludlow Street; the beatdown occurred at Essex and Rivington streets and was caught on videotape.

In Jauuary, Andrew McCray, Martrell Terrell, Shadia Brackman and Christopher Montanez were convicted on gang assault and assault charges.  Last week, they were sentenced to lengthy prison terms. Terrell and McCray got 15 years; Montanez faces 8 years; Brackman was sentenced to five years.

The victim, Kyam Washington,  suffers permanent hearing loss in one ear due to the beating.  Defense lawyers said their clients were provoked after Washington allegedly stole a piece of jewelry from McCray.  According to the Daily News, Brackman’s attorney, Norman Williams, said, “It’s unfair for a bunch of kids that may have gone a little bit too far to be facing unbelievable amounts of jail time for assaulting a guy who is a bad guy and was in the streets with bad intentions.”  The defense wanted to bring up Washington’s prior arrest history, but the jury was not allowed to hear about his background.


The Difference a Decade Makes: Grand & Essex Streets

Kossar's, 367 Grand Street. Photo used with the permission of James & Karla Murray, "Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York.

Kossar’s, 367 Grand Street. Photo used with the permission of James & Karla Murray, “Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York.

The Lower East Side is, obviously, constantly changing, and it seems as though the changes are coming faster than ever. But sometimes those of us who walk the streets of the LES every day don’t notice the stark transformation taking place in the old neighborhood. So this blog post from James and Karla Murray, authors of the indispensable book, “Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York,” caught our eye.

The book came out four years ago, but they began documenting the city’s changing store fronts back in 2001.  Recently, James and Karla took a stroll down Grand and Essex streets, checking out what businesses had closed or moved in the past decade, and they compared the new and old photos.  Have a look at what they found.


F Train Passenger Stabbed at Essex Street Saturday Night

A man was stabbed aboard an F train at Essex Street late Saturday night, the Post reports. The incident happened around 4:20 a.m.

Police say there are two suspects. Officers boarded the train in Brooklyn, at Church Avenue, but did not find the men.

The victim was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital, where he was treated for the stab wound and released. Police did not release his name.

Followup: Copper Wire Theft Could Have Sparked Fire in Delancey Street Train Station

More this morning on yesterday’s fire and resulting evacuation of three subway lines on Delancey Street, from Essex to the Bowery. WNBC reported on its late news broadcast last night that the fire could have been caused when someone tried to steal copper wires. More details from Brian Thompson’s story:

Sources told NBC 4 New York Friday night that the fire could have been sparked when a cable fell across the third rail and a track rail as someone tried to steal an underground copper wire. The spark of electricity along the rail caused the fire and smoke condition. Another source told NBC 4 New York that investigators think the suspected copper wire theft may be part of a larger operation, and the source said tools used for cutting were found in a closet-sized enclosure in the tunnel. The source says it appears the theft has been going on for months, and in all, as many as two thousand feet of cable appear to be missing from the station.

The incident shut down the J, M and Z lines from about 2:50 p.m. through the evening rush. Around 500 people were evacuated. No one was injured.

Residents Protest Proposed Essex Street Bus Stop

If you walked past the intersection of Essex and Canal streets over the holiday weekend you probably noticed flyers like this one — alerting residents to a proposal from interstate bus companies to establish new bus stops on the Lower East Side.  Community activists have launched a petition drive to stop the plans and are urging like-minded neighbors to attend an upcoming Community Board 3 meeting where the requests will be heard.

Greyhound and Peter Pan are asking for a stop at 3 Essex Street (park side) for a route between New York and Philadelphia. There would be 28 arrivals and departures as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 9:15 p.m.  In a separate application, Lucky River Transportation Company has requested a stop at 55 Chrystie Street for service to and from Boston.  there could be as many as 21 pick-ups and drops-offs daily.

CB3 Approves Essex Street Lighting Plan

There are 18 bishop's crook light fixtures on Essex Street.

Tuesday evening, Community Board 3 voted in favor of a proposal from the Lower East Side Business Improvement District to replace 28 street lights on Essex Street, between East Houston and Canal.  The plan now goes to the Public Design Commission for approval.