Subway Attack Victim and Good Samaritan Reunited

Sabrina Scott, the woman attacked in the East Broadway subway station, was reunited yesterday with the good Samaritan who came to her defense. Channel 5 caught up with Sabrina as she was released from the hospital:

Subway Attack Victim Reunites with Savior:

Mystery Man Defends Woman Being Attacked in East Brodway Train Station

In today’s Daily News, a 39-year old Lower East Side woman (an off-duty MTA employee) recounts a harrowing ordeal that unfolded in the East Broadway subway station Friday evening. At around 6pm, Sabrina Scott was waiting on the subway platform for a train to the Bronx. Suddenly a middle-aged man came after her, chasing Scott around a stairwell.

Snow Job? Who You Gonna Call?

Photos by Julie Huang.

Lo-Down reader Julie Huang sent us a few photos showing the sloppy, slippery conditions in the nabe.  It’s not exactly a news flash that New York’s record snowfall has made walking around the Lower East Side a little tricky (at best) and (at worst) treacherous. And there’s a whole lot more melting in our future!  So is there anything you can do to cajole the Department of Sanitation into clearing the worst trouble spots?

Snowman/woman Mania Sweeps the Lower East Side

Photo by Bridget Bosworth.

All month long, the neighborhood has been captivated by the always growing and evolving snowman outside the bodega at the corner of Essex and Canal streets. But it is now clear his influence extends way beyond this bustling intersection. Take a look at some of the photographic evidence we’ve received in the past couple of days from Lo-Down readers:

Sidewalk Alongside Seward Park in Need of TLC (Updated)

Photo by Linda Jones.

City crews have their work cut out for them today. Most main streets appear to be in pretty good shape. But, even before yesterday’s storm, the sidewalk along Seward Park (on East Broadway) was an icy mess. In spite of numerous calls to 311, this stretch has gone un-shoveled.  Lo-Down reader Linda Jones of the Friends of Seward Park and Community Board 3, sent us this photo today.

UPDATE 2:24PM: We understand Parks Department workers are clearing the sidewalk right now. Community Board 3 has been in contact with city officials throughout the day on this particular issue.

Videotape: This Week’s Manhole Explosions

Two Lower East Side residents sent along videos shot during Wednesday afternoon’s manhole explosions on East Broadway. The first clip is from Steve Hernandez — the second was recorded by Taylor Baldwin.

Follow-up: East Broadway Manhole Explosion

Here’s an update on last night’s manhole explosions on East Broadway (near Samuel Dickstein Plaza). We just got off the phone with Con Edison spokeswoman D. Joy Faber, who said workers are making repairs on corroded electrical cables today and continuing to investigate exactly what caused the blasts.  She said it was not a transformer explosion (that’s what firefighters suspected last night).

Breaking: Transformer Explosion on East Broadway

Firefighters are on the scene at East Broadway, near Montgomery Street, where two manhole covers exploded shortly after 5pm.  It happened in front of the Emigrant Savings Bank and across the street from P.S. 134. No one was hurt but police have strung crime scene tape along Montgomery and a section of Grand Street to keep onlookers at a safe distance. There were two loud booms when the manhole covers blew off, about five minutes apart, and a fairly strong smell of smoke.

The bank building is owned by the Seward Park Cooperative. Seward Park General Manager Frank Durant was told a transformer blew (the elevators in the bank went out briefly).  A firefighter speculated that salt (used in the lead-up and aftermath of yesterday’s snow storm) probably seeped underground and set off the explosions. We’re told Con-Ed will be on the scene shortly. More photos after the jump:

Overnight Fire Displaces Chinatown Residents (UPDATED)

This morning the Red Cross is helping residents of a tenement building on East Broadway find temporary housing, after an overnight fire forced them to evacuate from the roof.  The Daily News reports a wolverine was killed in the blaze (it’s illegal to keep the animals in the city). Here’s Channel 5’s report:

Fire Rips Through Chinatown Apartment Building:

Boy Hit By Car Tonight on East Broadway

Google map.

A trusted tipster emailed a few moments ago to tell us about an accident she witnessed on East Broadway, near Seward Park earlier tonight. Apparently a boy, who looked to be about 7, ran from the park into the street, was struck and suffered a head injury.   It happened at about 645pm.  Our tipster said the boy is Chinese.

Just this summer, there have been at least two other serious accidents in the immediate area (one on Essex, the other on Clinton).  In the past, 7th Precinct officers have told us their efforts to piece together accident reports are made more difficult because witnesses seldom come forward. If you saw the incident and can share more information, please Email us.

We’ll be following up on this story tomorrow morning.

—UPDATE 12:13am: We’ve heard from a second tipster who saw the aftermath. A medium sized crowd had gathered outside the park, near the intersection of East Broadway, Essex and Canal.  There was a maroon colored sedan stopped in the middle of the street.The boy was sitting on the pavement and an adult, probably a parent, was holding him. He was crying and had blood on his face, but the witness said he seemed coherent. He added, “this little triangle of street is incredibly dangerous.  When cars are driving West on East Broadway, they NEVER EVER signal whether they’re going to continue down East Broadway or bear right onto Canal.  And there’s a damned playground right there!  It was an incredibly sad sight.”

Large Crowd Fills East Broadway for National Night Out

From Columbus Park, to East 5th Street, the Smith Houses, to East Broadway, the Lower East Side’s police precincts hosted National Night Out Against Crime last night. Slum Goddess checked out the East Village scene. We were on hand for the 7th Precinct’s event, which drew a big crowd and included everything from a petting zoo to free food and mariachi dancers.

Cracking Down on Careless Drivers

It has been nearly a year-and-a-half since two preschool students in Chinatown were killed after an unoccupied van, left in reverse, jumped a sidewalk on East Broadway and plowed into a class returning from a trip to the Chatham Square Library. But for the family of those children – 4-year-old Hayley Ng and 3-year-old Diego Martinez – the emotions are still raw. That much was obvious yesterday during a news conference on the steps of City Hall.

Community Board Member Opposes Clinton Street Crosswalk


Earlier this month we reported on the request by the Seward Park Co-op Board to add a mid-block crosswalk (and signal) on Clinton Street between Grand and East Broadway. The transportation committee of Community Board 3 voted for a resolution asking the Department of Transportation to study the situation. But there was a hitch at last night’s full CB3 meeting. Rabbi Y.S. Ginzberg, a community board member and a Seward Park resident, called the request “ridiculous.” He said there was “no reason for it,” because the automobile traffic on this particular stretch of Clinton Street is not very heavy, and there’s not that much pedestrian traffic.

At the committee meeting on June 10th, Lee Slater of the co-op board voiced concern that cars speeding along Clinton in order to make the green light at Grand Street, fail to notice people trying to cross in the middle of the block. He cited the death of a woman by a garbage truck a few months ago. CB3 ended up passing a watered down resolution, calling on the DOT to study the situation but removing language suggesting the community believes pedestrian safety is a problem on Clinton Street.

The Co-op had also asked for and received CB3’s support in reducing truck noise on East Broadway. The committee asked the DOT to look into posting signs on the street reinforcing the current law, which prohibits trucks from using the street as a “through” route. Last night, Rabbi Ginzberg said he agrees there’s a need to keep trucks from using East Broadway as a “through” street. But, he expressed fears that posting signs there would only encourage trucks to use Grand Street to get across town. Ginzberg said Grand is already snarled with traffic, due, in part, to the city’s new bike lanes and center islands. Other members of the CB3 Board pointed out that, like East Broadway, Grand is not a “through” route. Trucks heading to the west side are supposed to use Delancey or Houston streets. The bottom line: the DOT will look into the requested changes on both East Broadway and Clinton streets.

Seward Park Co-op Seeks to Reduce E. Broadway Truck Traffic

Representatives of the Seward park Co-op are asking the city’s Department of Transportation to post signs on East Broadway underscoring that trucks are prohibited from using it as a “through route.” Co-op resident Ed Green has been on a 10 month crusade to keep the trucks from rumbling down the street past his apartment at all hours. Last night CB3’s transportation committee asked the DOT to look into the request.

At last month’s 7th Precinct community meeting, Green pleaded with the NYPD to ticket trucks using the street to pass through the neighborhood. In spite of the fact that East Broadway is not a designated “through” street, police officers told him there’s nothing they could do unless signs were put up. But last night, after a representative of the community board said that signs were not required in order to enforce the law, The Lo-Down asked police officials for clarification. They acknowledged that it is, in fact, their responsibility to ticket trucks that are using East Broadway to get across town. On the DOT’s web site, it states, “the presence of signage is not required to enforce the Truck Route regulations.” For a list of “through” streets in the neighborhood see the end of this post.

Nevertheless, the transportation department will study the feasibility of adding signs as an extra deterrent. Even if signs are posted, trucks making local deliveries will still be able to use East Broadway. The committee discussed whether the signs should be posted on the entire street (from Grand to Chatham Square) or just from Montgomery to Essex Street (in the vicinity of the Seward Park towers). Ultimately, they decided to ask for signs along the entire stretch of East Broadway. The DOT said the study would take about three months.

Monday News Links

The MTA Board meets today to vote on a "scaled back" package of fare increases.

Sheldon Silver "has it easy," Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith says. In a New York Times story on the difficulty the Democratic Majority is having in Albany, Smith spoke of Silver's lopsided advantage in the Assembly: “He can pontificate, he can change his mind, he can dance, he
can sit still…because at the end of the day, he has
60 or 70 members that don’t have to stand up and take a position on

"The Home Base Project," an exhibition built around a dozen artists' interpretation of "home," is staged in an abandoned medical clinic on East Broadway.

David & Jody Rodriguez are not your grandfather's idea of a Lower East Side hatmaker.

Tonight Community Board 3's liquor licensing committee holds its monthly meeting. As we reported yesterday, a new restaurant at the corner of Essex and Canal faces opposition from a neighborhood group. We'll have a full report after the meeting.