EarthMatters Closing Following Sale of 177 Ludlow Street

177 Ludlow is being sold, so EarthMatters is closing up shop.

When we recently reported that 177 Ludlow Street, home to the EarthMatters health food café and market, was in contract to be sold, the store’s future looked grim. Indeed, last week an EV Grieve reader heard from employees that EarthMatters would not continue to operate once its founder, Isaac Tapiero, sold the building. Then last weekend EarthMatters confirmed the news on its Facebook page, telling fans, “After 11 years, Earthmatters will be closing. We’d like to thank all our amazing customers for making this last decade so wonderful.”

Tapiero bought the building in the ‘90s before opening the ground level café with his nephew and partner, Marco Megira. The pair expanded their business to include a market stocked with a full selection of healthy foods. A couple of years back, Tapiero told The Lo-Down that Whole Foods’ arrival on the Bowery had cut into his profits, but that his business was seeing a slight resurgence.

Changing Hands: 177 Ludlow (Earthmatters Building)

177 Ludlow will likely change hands in coming weeks, possibly in early August.

Today we learned that 177 Ludlow Street could have new owners as soon as early August.  The 5-story, 15-unit building is currently home to EarthMatters Café and market, which has sold health food at that location since 2001. For the moment, the building still belongs to” 177 Ludlow LLC,” a group headed by Isaac Tapiero, a real estate investor who purchased the building in the mid 1990s and helped start EarthMatters with his nephew and partner, Marco Megira.

Christine Blackburn of the Corcoran Group is helping to manage the sale of the building, which first appeared on the market last year. She said the property is “in contract” to be sold in coming days, explaining that a cash deposit from an interested party had virtually guaranteed the sale. While she said she couldn’t discuss the specific details of the deal, she noted that the buyer had agreed to pay at least $6,250,000, the asking price for the property.