Dog Run Improvements, Building Issues to be Discussed Tonight

Corlear's Hook Dog Run. Photo by Jennifer Strom.

Three stories we have been following will be the subject of community meetings on the Lower East Side tonight. First, a fledgling group hoping to improve the dog run at Corlear’s Hook Park will hold an organizing meeting. It’ll take place at 6pm, at the dog run (the park is located at Cherry and Jackson streets).

LES Dog Owners’ Input Wanted Monday Night

Tucked away in a corner of Corlear’s Hook Park, where Cherry and Jackson streets meet the southern end of East River Park, a mulch-and-straw-covered fenced lot awaits four-legged visitors and their caretakers.

Not that many come. Corlear’s Hook Park Dog Run is one of the city’s most under-used dog parks. Unlike its popular (and well-maintained) counterparts in Tompkins Square, Union Square and Madison Square parks, it’s often empty for hours at a time.