Followup: Margaret Chin’s 2011 Funding Choices

Last week, we posted the list of  “member items” sponsored by District 1’s Margaret Chin in the City Council’s 2011 discretionary budget. Today we’re returning to the budget beat — detailing some other projects Chin helped to sponsor in her first year on the Council.  Listed after the jump are items from the so-called “speaker’s list.” In some cases, Chin was the single co-sponsor. In other instances, there were several Council co-sponsors. We’re not including items from a much larger list of funding choices sponsored by groups she is a part of, such as the Women’s Caucus and the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus.The descriptions following each program are taken directly from the City Council budget database.  As reported last week, Chin’s member items total $364,464.  There’s another $2.075,000 in expenditures on the Chin/Speaker’s List, bringing her grand total to $2,439,464.

Councilmember Rosie Mendez’s 2011 Funding Choices

Yesterday, we posted the list of community-based projects City Councilmember Margaret Chin has decided to fund this year. Today, we’ll take a look at Councilmember Rosie Mendez’s funding choices. Last week,  the city’s $63 billion budget was approved, including about $50 million in “discretionary spending” controlled by individual Council members.

Councilmember Margaret Chin’s First Year Funding Choices

Last week the City Council approved Mayor Bloomberg’s $63 billion “austerity” budget, cutting funds for schools, libraries and social programs.  Included in the budget: about $165 million in discretionary spending controlled by the Council. Around a fifth of the discretionary fund is set aside for so-called “member items,” projects sponsored by individual Council members. This week we’re going to take a look at the funding choices made by Margaret Chin and Rosie Mendez, our representatives at City Hall.