Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

Shane LaVancher’s Creatures at Orchard Windows Gallery.

Creatures, Shane LaVancher’s series of stunning and highly composed black and white photographs, are on view at Orchard Windows Gallery. Dino Eli, who runs the gallery, has a knack for choosing artists who will get under your skin and LaVancher is no exception.

Dino Eli, Owner-Curator, Provocateur, Settles In

Dino Eli, owner and curator of both Dino Eli Gallery and Orchard Windows Gallery. Photo by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis for The Lo-Down

One day this fall, I was meandering south down gallery dotted Orchard Street. and bumped into Dino Eli. I found him doing his customary ritual dance—floating between the eponymous Dino Eli Gallery and Orchard Windows Gallery, a tiny space just steps away. Eli is the founder and curatorial director of both spaces.

Equal parts impresario and provocateur, he created a stir in May when his Windows Gallery mounted a show dubbed “Porno Paintings” that some LES parents complained about (the gallery is across the street from P.S. 42).