Dash Snow Initiative Raises More Than $1 Million For Henry Street Settlement

Still image from New York Times web site.

On the Fashion & Style page of the New York Times’ web site, you can see the slide show from a particularly star-studded evening at Art Basel in Miami.   What’s the Lower East side connection, you ask?  Well it was fundraiser, hosted by Chanel for the Dash Snow Initiative at Boys and Girls Republic, which is run by Henry Street Settlement.

Demi Moore was there, along with Lenny Karvitz, Russell Simmons, Martha Srewart and many other A-list celebrities.  But more to the point, the dinner and auction raised more than $1 million for Henry Street’s youth programs.  Downtown artist Dash Snow died in 2009 of a drug overdose.  “All his friends and peers attract a certain type of crowd,”  Teddy Liouliakis, Snow’s good  friend, told the Times. ”We’re hoping that it can help memorialize Dash in a positive way.” 

Kenny Scharf Takes His Turn at Houston & Bowery

The artist takes a break from work on the mural wall at Houston & Bowery

Everyone is smiling about Kenny Scharf‘s new work in progress at the mural wall on Houston & Bowery (also known at the Deitch Wall).  It’s very appropriate that the longtime friend of the late Keith Harring gets to make his mark, as the wall was originally put up in tribute to Harring who famously tagged the location back in the 80’s. The wall is being “curated” by Deitch Projects and many uber-taggers have been asked to contribute their own graffiti art over the last couple years. More photos after the jump.