JP’s Food Adventures: Cup & Saucer is Still a Classic

Cup & Saucer, 89 Canal Street. Photo by Vivienne Gucwa/

I’m pretty sanguine when it comes to nostalgia. Lots of cool stuff has come and gone in fashion’s cycles. A rose-tinted recreation of yesteryear doesn’t hold a strong appeal to me. A living piece of the past is another matter entirely.

Take Cup and Saucer Luncheonette: there’s no gimmick, no re-envisioning of classic diner fare, no faux-50’s decor. It’s an old school luncheonette, dishing up exactly what you’d expect from a place where most of the food comes off a griddle or out of a deep fryer. You sit at a stool in front of a counter. Your meal arrives on heavy China made decades ago upstate. The staff wear white paper hats. But there’s not a whiff of kitsch; it’s just how things are done. Without a hint of self-consciousness.

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Soba spot Cocoron got some love from The New York Times this week.

Cup & Saucer

Perhaps the neighborhood’s best old school diner. The food is dependable, the service is lightning fast and the chocolate milkshakes will make you want to take a long nap.

89 Canal, at Eldridge


Open Mon-Fri, 6am-7pm; Sat-Sun, 6am-4pm