In Their Own Words: Residents Discuss LES Violence

We wanted to hear what people in the neighborhood had to say in the aftermath of the shootings at a club on Avenue A late Saturday night. As we've been reporting, 42-Year old Eric "Taz" Pagan was fatally shot. Two others are recovering from gun shot wounds. Police now have a suspect in custody. The first man on the video below is Richie Alvarez. He was friends with Pagan for more than 10 years. Next is Dereese Huff, the Tenant Association president at the Campos Plaza Housing Project. The last woman interviewed is Aida Salgado, a longtime LES resident and mother. Dereese and Aida have been concerned about the escalating violence in the neighborhood for some time. They are among a group planning to hold a news conference Wednesday at 11am, to call for more resources in the community to fight crime and help kids stay away from drugs and violence. We'll have more details about that later today.