Coit’s Body Returned Home; More Reports of Barrera’s Violent Past

Sarah Coit

Sarah Coit’s body has been returned home to Connecticut, where arrangements are being made for her funeral.  The 23-year old woman was brutally murdered inside her Clinton Street apartment this past weekend.

A representative from the Leo P. Gallagher Funeral Home in Stamford, Conn., told DNA Info funeral plans were not yet set. In a brief statement, the family said it “greatly appreciates all of those that have extended their thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.”

Meanwhile, the family of Coit’s alleged killer is speaking out. Raul Barrera, Sr. told the New York Post, his “heart goes out” to her grieving family.  Barrera said his son is a “good person. I’m sure it was the passion in the moment.”  Yesterday, he visited Raul, Jr. in the jail ward at Bellevue Hospital. According to a witness, Barrera (who’s been charged with 2nd degree murder) “was crying through the whole time. His mother was on her knees, holding him, praying and crying.”

Friends Say Coit Was Trying to “Get Away” from Barrera

Sarah Coit's 2005 yearbook photo.

The tabloids have more coverage of this past weekend’s Clinton Street murder this morning.  As we reported yesterday, suspect Raul Barrera did not enter a plea during an initial court appearance.  He’s charged with 2nd degree murder in the butchering of his girlfriend, 23-year old Sarah Coit.

A former neighbor (on East 33rd Street), Colleen Carerir, told the Post she feared Barrera would end up killing Coit. “In January,” the story noted, “Carerir called cops one night ‘when I thought he was killing her… He had her in the bathtub, and it sounded like he was filling it with water,’ Carerir said. ‘I think he was strangling her. She was screaming a lot and coughing.’ Cops came, but did not arrest Barrera, she said.”

Update: Raul Barrera Arraigned in Clinton Street Murder

Photo credit: DNA Info.

Today 33-year old Raul Barrera was arraigned on 2nd degree murder charges for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, Sarah Coit, with a kitchen knife Saturday night. It happened inside their third floor apartment at 63 Clinton Street.

According to prosecutors at today’s hearing, Barrera was on his way to Penn Station to make an escape when he called his father in Virginia for advice.  Barrera’s father urged his son to turn himself in. More new information from DNA Info:

Coit’s blood-curdling screams and pleas for help prompted a pair of 911 calls about 2 a.m. Police initially responded to the building next to Coit’s, where one of the calls originated, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Monday. Police searched but could not immediately locate the victim, and only discovered her about 40 minutes later after Barrera turned himself in to police in the East Village and confessed to the killing, Kelly explained… Police found an arsenal of eight knives inside the apartment… Barrera’s lawyer said his client had known Coit for four years, but wasn’t sure they had dated the entire time. Attorney Paul Feinman described Barrera as “upset” and “remorseful…”It’s a horror beyond words.”  The building’s superintendent explained that Barrera only moved into the Clinton Street apartment on April 1, but that he hadn’t heard any disputes between the two or received any complaints.

Barrera did not enter a plea. He’s due back in court on Friday.