Music, Video Games & Love Intertwined at Soundplay Game Jam

The crowd around the interactive game/music experience (with beer) at Pitchfork’s Soundplay Game Jame at the New Museum on Wednesday night.

The New Museum, with its clean, towering ambiance and penchant for the ultra-modern, was the ideal location Wednesday night for Soundplay Game Jam, a tech-heavy party for video gamers and audiophiles who drank, gamed, and danced the night away for free at the Lower East Side institution.

Presented by Pitchfork, the online indie music Mecca, and Kill Screen, an online publisher covering video games, arts and culture, a mostly RSVP-only crowd of beautiful twenty-somethings lined up first for free cans of Brooklyn Brewery IPA and a turn to play video games on a row of new Lenovo laptops from Intel, another event sponsor. “I feel like I deserved to be here,” an NYU philosophy undergrad told me. “It has an exclusive feel but it’s open to the public.”