Photos: Chinatown’s Lunar New Year Parade

Photos by Tim Schreier.

Photos by Tim Schreier.

It was a gorgeous day (how things change in 24 hours) in Chinatown yesterday for the 15th annual Lunar New Year Parade, a production of the Better Chinatown Society. Tim Schreier got some great shots from the festivities, as locals greeted the Year of the Horse.

It’s the Year of the Horse! Scenes From the Chinese Firecracker Festival

Photos by Tim Schreier.

Photos by Tim Schreier.

In Chinatown, Chinese New Year celebrations are in full swing. Check out Tim Schreir’s photos from today’s firecracker festival in Sara D. Roosevelt Park.  Don’t forget Sunday’s parade!

Chinese New Year: Firecracker Ceremony and Parade Coming Up This Week

Scenes From Chinese New Year Celebrations

Photo by Tim Schreier.

Yesterday we posted photos and video from Chinese Lunar New Year festivities in Chinatown. Today more images, courtesy of downtown photojournalist Tim Schreier.  Click through for an interesting perspective on the Year of the Dragon.

Chinatown Welcomes Year of the Dragon With Firecracker Ceremony

It was a dramatic scene in Sara D. Roosevelt Park earlier today, as community leaders and residents ushered in the Year of the Dragon. The event kicked off a series of festivities in celebration of the Lunar Chinese New Year.  The annual Firecracker Ceremony drew a big crowd in spite of the soggy weather.

Both this event and this coming Sunday’s parade are sponsored by the Better Chinatown Society. See a lot more photos and video after the jump.

L.E.S. Heritage Film Series: Cultural Festivals in NYC

This month’s screening from the L.E.S. Heritage Film Series at Seward Park Library will be focused on the traditional festivals and parades long celebrated in and around our neighborhood.   Continuing to reflect the neighborhood’s diverse cultural history, (this is the fifth in the series) curator Sean Ferguson will be screening three short films: