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More Intercity Bus Stop Applications Coming Up in June

Department of Transportation Approves Intercity Bus Permits

In recent weeks, the Department of Transportation has signed off on a number of new intercity bus stops in Chinatown and on the Lower East Side.

Followup: New Lower East Side Bus Stop Applications

Here’s some more information about those proposed interstate bus stop applications we mentioned yesterday.

Chinatown Bus Business: Is There a Saturation Point?

We have more now on the continuing struggle to control the interstate bus business in Chinatown and on the Lower East Side.

Interstate Bus Stops Proposed at 160 East Broadway, 59 Canal

Four more bus permits will be considered by Community Board 3 in the coming month.

CB3 Rejects Chinatown Bus Permit Applications

Community Board 3 last night rejected three requests from interstate bus companies to add or expand bus stops in Chinatown and the Lower East Side.

Yo! Bus, Four Other Bus Stop Proposals Weighed by CB3 September 10

If you’re concerned about the proliferation of “Chinatown buses,” it might not be a bad idea to drop by Community Board 3’s transportation committee meeting Tuesday, September 10.  That evening, the panel will hear proposals to add a new bus stop or expand service at five locations throughout the neighborhood.

In Defense of Fung Wah Bus Company

From The Lo-Down‘s inbox today: Reason magazine has published an interesting read on the demise of Chinatown bus company Fung Wah, which was shut down by federal regulators earlier this year.

CB3 Expresses Concerns About Proposed Bus Permit Rules

Yo! Bus was granted a permit for a stop on Pike Street. Photo: March 2013.

Yo! Bus was granted a permit for a stop on Pike Street. Photo: March 2013.

The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) held a public hearing yesterday regarding its proposed rules for a new interstate bus permit system.  It’s been nearly a year since a state law authorizing the system was enacted.   Last month, the DOT issued the proposed rules bus companies will be required to obey.

In brief, they spell out the process to be followed anytime an interstate bus carrier wishes to apply for a permit.   The companies would not be allowed to drop off and pick up passengers in any unapproved location (that, of course, happens all the time now).   If they failed to adhere to the rules or if, for example, a driver is involved in a fatal accident, the permit could be revoked.  The law requires the city to “Consult” with local community boards about the locations of new stops and restrictions on the permits.

Lucky Star Bus Shut Down By Feds

lucky star bus

The federal government today shut down Lucky Star Bus, putting a stop to the company’s service between Boston and New York’s Chinatown.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which oversees the interstate bus business, issued a press release that asserted, “(Lucky Star’s) vehicles and drivers pose an imminent hazard to public safety.”

More from the release:

Today’s action is part of FMCSA’s “Operation Quick Strike,” an intensified investigation of high-risk passenger carriers that began last April. Federal investigators found that Lucky Star’s fleet of 21 motor coaches did not meet minimum safety standards as the company failed to systematically and properly inspect, repair or maintain the vehicles. Investigators also found that the owners of Lucky Star failed to monitor and ensure that its drivers complied with controlled substances and alcohol use and testing regulations. Drivers were employed before receiving negative pre-employment drug and alcohol test results as required by federal law. Drivers were not required by the company to turn in hours-of-service records or other required documentation such as driving itineraries and fuel receipts.

In February, the feds shut down the Fung Wah bus company. Lucky Star operates from 59 Chrystie St. in Chinatown.



Public Workshop Scheduled For Intercity Bus Permit System

intercity bus workshop

Last August, Governor Cuomo signed a new law clearing the way for New York City to create a permit system for intercity buses. Many months later, the city’s Department of Transportation is still drafting rules that the bs companies must follow. Later this month, there will be a “community workshop” to solicit public opinions on the proposed system. It will be held Tuesday, April 30 at Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 7th Avenue, at 6 p.m.


Followup: Yo! Bus Expands Service, New Permits

Pike Street between Division Street and Canal.

Pike Street between Division Street and Canal.

On Tuesday night, Community Board 3’s transportation committee dealt with several issues related to “Chinatown bus” permits.  We weren’t able to attend but spoke with CB3 District Manager Susan Stetzer following the hearing.

First off, she gave committee members an update concerning Yo! Bus’s permit for a loading and unloading operation being run from Pike Street near Canal.  On Monday, Yo! announced it would be adding service to Boston from the Lower East Side/Chinatown location.  The company, owned by Greyhound and Peter Pan, began offering New York/Philadelphia service late last year.  A Community Board 3 resolution approved in November allows Yo! to operate up to 14 round trips from Pike Street.  Earlier this week, there was confusion about the new route and fears that Greyhound might be going beyond the number of trips CB3 and the city’s Department of Transportation approved.