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Fill Out the 2020 Census Online Now (Sponsored)


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New Report Looks at Asian Population in Chinatown and Beyond

A newly released report looks at how the Asian American population in neighborhoods across the city, including in Manhattan’s Chinatown, is changing.  According to the analysis of Census data by the the advocacy and housing organization, Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE), the Asian population in New York City is growing rapidly and dispersing beyond historical ethnic enclaves.

Followup: The U.S. Census on the Lower East Side

Yesterday, we reported officials with the U.S. Census had gone to Community Board 3, asking for help in gaining access to several buildings in the neighborhood. One of the developments they mentioned was the Hillman Cooperative on Grand Street, where State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver lives. Today we received a statement from Silver about the situation:

U.S. Census — Counting Shelly Silver and Everyone Else on the LES

Even as we speak, the U.S. Census has thousands of workers knocking on doors across New York City, in an unprecedented effort to make sure every individual is counted.  It’s not an easy job. Case in point: Census officials told Community Board 3 last night they have not been able to gain access to numerous buildings on the Lower East Side — including State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s Grand Street cooperative.

It seems Census forms were sent to the Hillman Co-op, where Silver has lived for decades, but they were returned due to mailing errors.  Census officials say workers attempting to pay personal visits to Hillman have been turned away.  They came to CB3, looking for help (Silver aid Zach Bommer stepped in to see what could be done). In all fairness, we assume (but don’t know for sure) Silver mailed in his form long ago.

Thursday News Links

Shelly Silver's mayoral control bill passes the Assembly. The Senate? Oh, never mind.

Census officials are facing an uphill battle, trying to count the estimated half million undocumented immigrants in New York. As the Gotham Gazette puts it, many immigrants see participation in the Census as "a murky unknown — a vast question mark, which many fear could lead to a one-way ticket home."

More on the violent feud among rival gangs that has left at least two people dead this week: the brother of Lower East Side rapper "Tru Life" has reportedly been linked to the stabbings of two men outside an apartment building Monday morning.

The Bicycle Film Festival, including an art show known as "Joy Ride," staged in several Lower East Side galleries, is in full swing.

Thursday News Links

John Rhea, a former investment banker, is Mayor Bloomberg's choice to lead the financially troubled New York City Housing Authority. The selection is being praised in some quarters. But five City Council members are unhappy with the choice, saying they wanted a NYCHA head with experience in affordable housing. And they were disappointed that council
members were not consulted about the decision.

A big increase in the number of hispanic New Yorkers helped push the city's population to 8.4 million. New Census figures show, however, that there were steady increases in Manhattan's white population. There's a higher percentage of whites in New York than in 1980. One reason why: high home prices have pushed diverse populations to the outer boroughs.

Curbed has details from the latest Douglas Elliman housing report. Yes, home prices are sliding but properties are spending less time on the market than they were a few months ago.

Channel 13's Sunday Arts Program has an interesting profile of the Tenement Museum. You can see it here. And if you're a fan of the Babycakes Bakery on Broome Street, you might want to stop by the Babycakes book party at the Tenement Museum tonight at 630pm.