HBO and The Cooking Channel Visit Ludlow and Orchard

Fans of HBO’s How to Make it in America did double-takes on Ludlow Street this afternoon, where a van covered in advertisements for the fictional energy drink Rasta Monsta was parked for a shoot. The cable series, about a group of NYC twentysomething hipster types, features a subplot in which actor Luis Guzman portrays an uncle of one of the main characters and peddles the drink, which has recently inspired a song by Marky.

Casa Mezcal Now Serving Food

Casa Mezcal opened on Orchard Street four months ago. The margaritas have won rave reviews (along with free bar snacks) but anxious diners have had to wait for a full menu. It looks like the wait is finally over. Via the restaurant’s Facebook Page:

Casa Mezcal is now serving delicous tacos de cazuela (clay pot): al pastor,tinga, adobo, chicken, cecina and picadillo (ground beef with potatos and carrots). Starting tonight (Thursday) and on!!!!!!

And Time Out reports:

Next month, they intend to add an upstairs gallery for emerging artists and a basement performance space with weekly film screenings.

Casa Mezcal opens at 5pm. It’s located at 86 Orchard, near Broome.

Casa Mezcal

A little bit of Oaxaca comes to the Lower East Side. The three-story restaurant, bar and cultural center features, as you probably guessed, delicious tequila drinks, a tapas menu and a recently introduced full dinner menu. Are you man/woman enough to try  the fried grasshoppers with cheese?

86 Orchard Street, at Broome


Hours Tues- Thur 12-2am Fri-Sat 12–4am Sunday 12-1am

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