Gay Marriage Sunday; Two LES Couples Celebrate!

Andy Berg and Dominic Pisciotta with twins Spencer and Olivia.

There was a media frenzy surrounding the first day of gay marriage in New York yesterday, but it wasn’t just a huge state and national news event. The momentous occasion was a Lower East Side story, as well.  This is because two local couples — who happen to live in the same section of the same building on Grand Street — ended up playing very high profile roles in the dramatic, history-making day.

Carol Anastasio and Mimi Brown, who may have gotten more ink in the Daily News this past week than Barack Obama, were among the first couples married at the city clerk’s office yesterday morning.  Meanwhile, their friends and neighbors Andy Berg and Dominic Pisciotta were the last of 484 couples to read their vows. Dominic had a few chores to take care of first. As an assistant commissioner of technology for the city, he was responsible for making sure everything went smoothly on a day in which all eyes were on New York.